Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanna help me decide?

Whoo Hoo... I got an email from an internet site asking if I would like to review a product for them. I have read these reviews on blogs for years, but never thought I would be asked to do one!

This isn't just one store,'CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find tv stands furniture, toys, home decor, and so much more!' Now they told me to look through their sites and find something that fit me and they would send it to me to review. Sounds easy huh? UH no... I spent hours looking through all of these sites, their prices are actually pretty good... so here are a few things I have narrowed down too... what do you think I should do?

First... Libbie and Autie :0)   They would love to review a new bed - LOL

They have a million to choose from, this is one that I think they would both love and it matches my new craft room...   DOG BED

Then I thought hmmmm I really could use some new storage that was nice looking.  And while searching around I found this!

This is actually a magazine rack.. how cool is it! I was thinking it would be wonderful to store my 8.5 x 11 papers or even scraps! You can see it here Magazine Rack

But I thought this might be better for scraps... just don't know if I have the space but reall cool Rolling Drawers

But then again I would love to have some new baking pans for the kitchen ;0)
 This one is pretty... but again they have so many! LOL

So which do you think I should pick???? HELP   and if you need something, CSN Stores really is HUGE check them out :0)


Wendalyn said...

Definitely the drawers you can scrap anywhere with them just fill them with your favorite stuff and you are good to go LOL

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, though choice. I wouldn't know what to choose. The storage and rolling drawers would be fun. But I love the bakeware also.

K. Joy said...

Oh, how fun for you! My first thought is to get the bed for Autie and Libbie, but my second choice would be for the magazine rack. :) Have fun making the decision!


No contest! The drawers definately x Leigh x

Kelly Schelske said...

I got an email about that too...not sure what to do:-)

Judi said...

I'd go for the magazine rack

Judi xx

susana said...

You are a lucky lady !!!!, If I was you, I would go for the magazine rack

Anita said...

I would go with the magazine rack. I can see so many uses for it. I like the idea of using it for scraps.

Rufus said...

Oh I'm sure that Autie and Libbie would say THE BED, THE BED! But being the selfish sort (not to mention the one that has to actually write the review) I'd go for the rolling drawers. I think you're going to have fun figuring it out!

Alie de Vrij-Venema said...

I'd go for the Rolling Drawers.. But I can imagine this isn't easy to decide... (magazine rack would be second choice!).
Good luck!