Saturday, April 10, 2010

Animal Crackers - different lenses

Happy Animal Crackers Saturday! Got some cute shots this week... spent a lot of time playing with different settings and different lenses on my camera yesterday.

First up is Black Jack. One of our "Studs".... he has been in a smaller pen alone the past couple of months. He beat up on Sergio pretty bad, he has never hurt one of the babies, ever... but I guess because Sergio was an orphan and did not have a Mom to remind Black Jack when to stop "playing" with the babies... well I am just glad we found them when we did, or Sergio may not have just got a couple of bruises. So we moved Black Jack to a pen on his own. This week we let him back into the larger pen. I wanted to wait until I knew Alonso could out run Black Jack... but if we want babies next year - he has to have some time with all of the girls :0) And he has been keeping his distance from the the three babies in that pen... their Moms have made sure of that!

Bucket for two?  Love this shot...  These to guys are great buddies - two of our Standards - Took this with an older lens I haven't used in forever - my Zoom AF 28-105 - Really a sharp shot.

hmmmm... what can I say? The leaves must have been worth the reach? And imagine... her milk bag is 1/2 the size it started. Used the same Zoom lens, I normally only have my one larger zoom lens on so I can get farther away photos.. but I really like how crisp the smaller lens gets.

I ADORE this photo of Lucy!!! I was messing around with my Micro Lens and different settings.... she is such a beautiful girl - I have never used my Micro lens to get animal shots... I really like it!

 here is another I just fell in love with... You have to know they running a hundred miles per hour here.... I had just let them out the back door - Autie loves to stay right with Libbie until he sees something that catches his attention. Too cute huh?
He is really getting into that "teenager" stage... long legs... lanky looking :0) But still adorable!

And Libbie... she knows she is gorgeous, she knows she is "Top Dog", she knows she runs the show over everything in life..... LOL I like this photos cuz you really can't tell how big she is. She could be a Full size giant Australian Shepherd - but no she is only 10 inches tall.. (shhh just don't tell her that ok? )

Hope you liked Animal Crackers this Saturday. Beautiful weather here the past few days, hope it is the same where you are!!

Hugs and-


papersunshine said...

Wonderful pictures as usual - I enjoy every one of them each week! It looks like Autie is going to be bigger and taller than Libbie huh?! How old is he now? They are beautiful dogs!

Jo said...

Beautiful photos Michelle, the lenses definately make a difference. Just love the one with the two heads in one bucket. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Jo x

helen ... said...

waw adorable pets,thanks for sharing such adorable pics,I love them =)
havea nice weekedn

Marie said...

Such sweeties they all are. Great that you used another lens for your photos. Good to change sometimes. Totally different style of photos. Really great this week!

Redlady said...

Hi Michelle.

I look forward every week for the pictures of your babies.
Just love them.

Here in Australia the weather is still warm during the day but starting to get cold mornings. Brrr

Rufus said...

Great pics! Lucy is sweet and Autie, when I saw the pic, I thought teenager. Then I read what you wrote! He's is all long overgrown legs and at that sorta awkward stage. Your new/old lens are great. I've never been that great a photographer. Much more point and shoot!

Yvonne said...

Enjoyed the pictures very much! Wow, Autie has grown!! The shot of Valentine and Teddy is almost like I can "touch" them and "feel" there hair. Hugs, Yvonne

TA Carbone said...

MIchelle just love the pictures this week as they are sharper and more detail. You can even see the buds on the tree and it is good to see them because they may be eaten off before we know it.

Again wonderful update
aka TA

Cynde said...

I'm late commenting on Saturdays pics Michele, but they are so good! Love the different len's you used. The micro lens with Autie is so good. I can't believe how clean and crisp all the pics are, just fabulous! They all look like they were professionally taken. Think I'll get my other len's out and play with them to!
Thanks for sharing all your sweet babies and Great pictures!