Saturday, July 28, 2012

Animal Crackers - A Little bit of Everything

Happy Animal Crackers Day - today I have a little bit of everything, we have curious, we have fear, we have girl watching, and then rough housing.

First up... this photo just cracks me up to no end!

Little Hank... he is starting to have his teenage "feelings" and really paying a lot of attention to the little girls. He has gotten a bit bigger, he is actually the same size as Alice... and she is one of the smallest girls. If you listen really close you can hear his pick up line... "Hey Baby... I am Little Hank, I am so cute they want me to be a stud buck"  LOL Love this guy. Went in and loved all over him after this photo. Won't be able to do that much longer... he is gonna have the stink real soon I am afraid. Told hubby we will need a hazmat suit to hang at his gate, cuz I don't think I can not love on this guy.

Speaking of girl watching...

Black Jack watching the girls go by... His private pen is under the oak tree where he can still feel like he is part of the group, but not where he can get to the girls. If you ask Black Jack... population control stinks! ... not quite as bad as Frank but it stinks!

 Frank.. LOL I snapped this one when Hubby was mowing.

He is such a big scared'y cat.. he was hiding in his hut keeping a close eye on Hubby... making sure he was not coming anywhere near him! Was so funny to watch. When Hubby would walk away he would pull his head out and watch, then when he turned and was walking towards us.. he quickly popped back in... then slowly would come out just in time to see Hubby turning and walking away again. It was sort of like watching Tennis... over and over and over his head would pop in and out. LOL

And now the real Scared'y Cat...

Told you I would try and show off the other three cats in the "chicken house" Last time I showed you Fraid'y Cat... this is her sister Scared'y Cat. I took this a LONG way off. When you walk to the pen she freaks and flies back into the house and hides behind the door. They look a lot alike, and we also have their Mom.. "Little Momma" haven't seen her out of the rafters in daylight since she arrived. At night I can see her eyes outside with a flash light... I assume, as I count six sets of eyes when I shine the light that way... LOL

Now on the super friendly side, Samatha is the black cat I showed last time. This is her twin sister... we are calling her "Sammy 2"
Looks just like her sister and is just as friendly... funny how the two sets of sisters are so alike.

Here is another funny one -

If these were teenage girls, these would be the popular girls in the school. The "lead" girl in the middle with her groupie friends hanging on her side following her in all her whims and trends. That is my Juliet and her girls Lydia and Felicia... in the beginning Lydia was the leader, but lately I see that Juliet takes the lead, she is the one dictating where they go and what they do. May just be a size thing. But all though she is the largest she is the friendlier, and the greeter for all those that come to the pen. Felicia is new to the trio... I guess she is low gal in the group and is the one that has to run for the gossip and to find out which boy is in love with who this week... HA !

Was wanting some doggie photos this week... and this was what I was working with....

No way was I getting any pretty photos this week... nope. They were all into rolling in the grass, biting each other then running away, and barking. We had lots of barking going on. Libbie.. she was standing at the back door wanting in. Libbie hasn't really liked long evenings outside lately. Air conditioning. She is really liking that - rolly polly girl doesn't like the heat and the humidity... gonna ask the vet this next week about her weight gain. I bet I could make a fortune if I could get some sort of Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers group for little dogs going...right? Heck they have great clothes, jewelry, fancy purses... group therapy for weight loss is a must right?  These three? Nope, they are SO active they have no weight gain after being fixed. These three have two speeds - still while sleeping and 110% full speed ahead!

Ok, speaking of full speed ahead.. gotta get the day going! I am putting my cards in a new shop in one of the small towns near here. A friend asked me to help fill a booth - they had a card display to give me to use and I do have LOTS of cards stacking up. So Hubby painted and made the display look gorgeous and now I have a huge stack of cards put into clear envelopes and priced.. so today we are taking it all in and setting it up getting ready for the opening on the 1st. Hope I sell a bunch... I'll take a photo to show you when it is all pretty :0)

Speaking of pretty... I snapped a few photos of a few of the things I got on our junking trips last week... I'll show them off tomorrow ok? See you then? Have a great Saturday -
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Great pics & thanks for sharing.

Alice said...

ok lydia, juliet and felicia - those are my favorites! so cute!

judy anderson said...

Good luck in selling your cards. how about posting the photos and email of shop so online folks can buy.
BTW i just made 10 cards my way with the insides finished similar to yours.
My Craig asked if you shamed me into doing it. Will post picks later.

Carol Dee said...

Great Animal Crackers Post. Love the scaredy cat goat. Frank. (Funny Boy) Sam and Sammy 2 are stunning. So sorry to hear that Little Momma, Fraidy and Scaredy aren't warming up to you all. I guess thatwill be their lost. Hugs..,

Shelly said...

Awesome pictures! So fun. :) When my little dog gained weight the vet recommended I switch her to the weight control version of her dry food and along with that he said I could give her green beans. She loves this combination and it keeps her at a great weight. I hope you can find an easy & satisfying solution for Libbie.