Saturday, July 21, 2012

Animal Crackers - some new.. some I just couldn't pass up.

whew... what a fun week. We have logged in over 750 miles in our day trips this week. And brought home some nice treasures and had lots of quality time Hubby and I. But now today reality sets back in.. Cleaning House to catch up for all the "vacation time" this week. And Hubby will be outside mowing, picking up things around the house, mowing, cleaning a few of the pens, and more mowing. He is in freak out panic mode.... he found a small rattle snake last night after we got home just after dark. And if there is one little rattler... there are more for sure.

Now I wasn't able to shoot photos last night like I had thought I would. We got home just after dark... so my  photos this week are few from my phone camera, and a few from last weeks photos that were too good to not show.

First up... the "Chicken Coop"

The Chicken Coop is basically 95% done. Some trim work, the concrete steps need to be put in place and a wall finished up inside. But it is secure, and has its residents living in it. No chickens yet... just the kitties I told you about last week. Three are LOVING it, and Three are nuts and I think will disappear as soon as the door is left open. Oh they are very happy and content in the house and pen, they just don't like it when Hubby or I go in. I will try and get photos of the other three this next week for you. But I had to show off the completed house and pen this week. I am so proud of my "Coop" and how awesome Hubby did building it. We found some Antique Chicken Nesting boxes. Really heavy well made compared to the ones you can buy today so I am getting things all prepared for the next residents. :0)  Great shaded, covered area out in front of the house. And then to the left is more pen about the same size as the covered area that is "exposed" and has a fencing top so no one can escape and no one else can attack and get in! To the right... that is the little girls pen so they can watch over their neighbors.

I got a new living room rug this week!

We unrolled it and with in... oh about 30 seconds Gato was enjoying it and thanking us for her new large bed. The dogs are not allowed in the living room, but Gato she can jump over the gate and have a room where she can lay on the floor without Libbie trying to eat her. She loves the living room. She thinks it is her own private room.

Cleatus -

I think I have told you Cleatus the boy baby from last fall was on our for sale list. Even though he is so handsome. Well since he has not sold we "gave" him three girls to live with.. might as well share those fabulous handsome looks with future generations. Well he is still here and honestly.. we have been talking about what we are going to do with future "bucks"  - We will probably still sell Cleatus if someone wants a buck - Frank will retire here one day and be a pet. He is too sweet to ever think about getting rid of him. We are going to let Hank get a older and see how he looks and give him a chance to be a buck for us and pass on his "little" genes. Peso... that is our big question. He has three girls living in his pen right now, and he did give us some really adorable babies this spring, but honestly he is a pain. Not friendly, and causes problems with all the other boys.

But then I get a photo like this and I think he is so cute, and how can I sell him.

Did you guys know I have sucker written across my forehead. I am so bad at this cold hard livestock thing. Way too much emotion... LOL hey so what - we love our furry kids.

Olive Oyl - Sweet, adorable, high pitched talker -

We have been concerned about Olive. You see she is like her 1/2 brother Hank... she just is so tiny! We didn't think she was growing much at all and that... well that could make her an adorable pet, but a dangerous breeding nanny. If she is too small.. birthing could really been life threatening for her. But thankfully in the last couple of weeks we have seen a little more size to her. Oh she isn't gonna be a big goat by any means. But I think, and hope, she might end up sized like her older sisters Rhett and Scarlett. We would love that, and with all the color she has we would love to have kids from her one day.

Not many Donkey photos to share... I had a ton from last week, but none that were great. I need to get out there and do some brushing, and cleaning up on some of them. Stray long fur, the heat, and then a flood of rain with mud everywhere... yea.. we have lots of grooming to do. I did find one photo of Yolanda to share.

Now you may not remember, Yolanda has been sold since right after she was born. The neighbor fell in love with this girl, and it is so cute, but I think Yolanda has a crush on him as well. They now live in another state most of the time, but do come here for visits. Well they are in the process of buying a new property in their new state... and you know what that means!!!  Yep in a few weeks Yolanda and Estella will be loaded up in a trailer and make the long drive to their new home. I am really gonna loose it, and bawl when they say goodbye with my girls. Oh I know they will be spoiled. Heck I have seen photos of the barn... I would gladly live in the barn! And lush green grass in large pens. So they will be very happy... but we will miss them. I am hoping to get some good photos of both girls in the coming weeks.

Dogs...Got a cute photo of Libbie and Autie. They were under the bush in the corner of the yard watching "Dad" Feed all the donkeys. They have to make sure all is done correctly, and in a timely manner. Well that is what Libbie is thinking. She is the owner of all around here you know. We work for her, and the other animals are here for her to protect and control from her fenced yard... Autie, he is probably thinking..." hey look there is Dad.. Hi Dad! What are you doing over there... Hey Dad over here... Hi...over here see me, its me Autie Dad over here "   Autie is my sweet handsome boy - adorable and loving but honestly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

LOL totally opposite personalities - and I adore then both to pieces.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday -  really hope you are doing something more fun than vacuuming, mopping and dusting. And doing 125 loads of laundry.. well it looks like that many right now.. I hope not.

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, what an excellent post. Your comment about poor Autie had me howling with laughter! Great to see the pic of Gato enjoying her new bed, glad it's you not me who'll have to vacuum that gorgeous rug. :):) The chicken coop looks terrific, looking forward to seeing it filled with chickens.
Have a great weekend.

Diane.W. said...

Gorgeous cuties & Cleatus is fab,such a cool dude on that pic!!! :o) x

Carol Dee said...

Well now it sounds like you ahd a fabulous week. :) Who said you had to travel long distances to have an enjoyable vacation.
WOW - your hubby did a fabulous job on the cat/chicken house. Those silly fraidy cats have no idea what they feel into and should rethink the running off. :)
Cletus is one HANDSOME dude! Surely someone would want him, I bet he make pretty babies, too.
I can't believe I am saying this, bt Iwish we had grass to mow! This drought stinks. (Not telling you anything you did not know.)
Have a productive weekend. hugs...

okienurse said...

Oh Michelle I love your fur babies! I am still giggling over the sharpest knife in the drawer! I have a cat I say isn't the brightest lightbulb in the lamp. SO sweet but sooo...well you know what I mean. Dear daughter and husband are looking for some land to build on so I might be able to have a couple goats in the future to call mine. I will email (in the future, not now!) if it comes about and ask a few questions if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing your awesome babes with us I love your posts even though I don't comment much. Vickie

Alice said...

haha! that chicken coop is starting to look like a 5-star hotel! haha! lucky chickens!

Helen said...

Great photos again. The chicken/cat house is fabulous. Love your story about the furry friends. I don't know which picture I love the most, they are all awesome. Good luck with the washing, vacuuming, etc. Me I am redoing my son's room, so making cupboard, laying wooden floor, painting, etc. no time for crafting here either. Hugs, Helen

judy anderson said...

You who live near are missing the real thing. We visited on Sinday. What a fun couple and animal farm. The cat, chicken hotel is pretty nice. Do keys are so loving.

judy anderson said...

Donkeys are loving