Saturday, October 26, 2013

Animal Crackers - here a little toothless


Well this week I did not intend on missing my post - but well.. one visit to the Dentist and then the next day I was at an oral surgeon and well... then last few days I have been re-cooping and eating very soft foods. Yep... had two teeth removed. I am hoping that besides getting rid of my last two wisdom teeth that were starting to give me issues... it should, oh please I hope, stop my migraines. Maybe they say. But honestly I didn't mean to miss the entire week. Even forgot or didn't realize that it was already the weekend. So we will be using a few of the photos from last week that I didn't use. Still had a few that were too cute to not share -

This one of our youngest Flavio through the fence was too cute -

Youngest and still the only donkey that is difficult. I have no clue why we have worked and worked with him, but he is still skittish - but he is starting to let me pet him through the fence. Hey it is a start. 

I just love seeing all my kids in groups like this. I adore each of them.. yes even Flavio... LOL 

They are so pretty aren't they. And getting fat on all the green grass they are eating.

Jolene is a looker, one of our black faced girls. She was a nut crazy girl when we got her. Very skittish.

Couldn't touch her with a ten foot pole. And now, she loves attention and adores back scratches. She shows me that one day I can get Flavio to be the same.

Now one girl that the day we met and brought her home, she has been totally obnoxious friendly is Lacey....

And every baby she has given us since is the same way. She may be considered a plain brown miniature donkey, but she has gold stars for personality. And she is pregnant and will give us another great personality next year. :-)

Here is a photo I took while out feeding one day. There were the prettiest shadow and light from the clouds. Most of the shots I took didn't show it at all... but finally I caught one!

Love watching clouds - Especially when they are like art!!

Still taking it a little slow today - I am so craving some crunchy food... but soup and applesauce again I suppose.

So what is on your schedule this weekend? Anything fun? Exciting? Crafty? Can't do much so I would love to hear what you are doing.

Have a Blessed one -
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

I hope removing those wisdoms also helps remove the migraines. The dentist is not my favourite fellow so I am full of sympathy for you.
Nice pics again today and I love the little stories about each one. Your cloud pic is gorgeous and so pretty with the light shooting up.

Ellie Maggie said...

I sympathise with you about your wisdom teeth,I had all 4 of mine out under general anaesthetic in my 20's. Onto nicer things...your donkey photos are adorable, Flavio is sooo handsome. They all look incredibly tiny next to the standard donkey (forgotten her name!) and those clouds look amazing with the shafts of sunlight, gorgeous. I need to sort all my craft stash and get rid of what I don't use, but I'm in the mood for putting my feet up and crocheting today! Tomorrow maybe?!

Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says:

Hope you are back to "crunchy" food soon! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says:

Hope you are back to "crunchy" food soon! Great photos!

Carol Dee said...

I had all four wisdom teeth removed when I was in my teens. I have a very painful tooth/teeth and sinus problems now. Dental apt. for the 5th. Hope to get relief.
I love cloud watching too. Never have a camera when the best shows happen. You did good capturing the light.
Everything looks so fresh and green there. We have had frost and a day of COLD and SNOW> Trees are dropping leaves. (The color show was fast!) and lawns are starting to brown. UGH winter is coming.
The donkeys do look fat and HAPPY.
hugs to all...

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Having wisdom teeth extracted is not pleasant at all, neither is the immediate aftermath. I hope you start feeling better very soon & the migraines reduce significantly.
Great photos this week. It's lovely to see so much green grass & the donkeys are obviously enjoying every mouthful.
Have a great weekend.

Linda w said...

I always love viewing your pics of your children. each and every one of them is adorable. As for the teeth, hang in there, warm salt water rinses help so much.
Thank you for posting your photos every Saturday. Love them all.
Really need to get back into the stamp room and finish cleaning everything that somehow ended up on the floor. It just never ends but I would not trade it for anything.

gettin' inky...

Helen said...

Hope you feel better soon and start eating decent food again. The pics of the donkeys melt my heart; they are all so sweet. The clouds pic is gorgeous; love watching the clouds especially on the seaside. Will do some crafting and watch my kids doing sports
Hugs Helen

K. Joy said...

Hope you are feeling back to normal soon! I my wisdom teeth out last year, and I remember just wanting to eat something. Finally I was so hungry I ate a hamburger. Pretty sure I split most of the remaining stitches, but I was so hungry I didn't care. Much. ;)

Anyway, I love the photos! Your donkeys are so sweet and gorgeous, and that cloud picture is fabulous. I know I don't comment much, but your Animal Crackers posts are a highlight of my week. :)