Saturday, October 12, 2013

Animal Crackers - A Little Privacy Please

Howdy -

Snapped a photo of one of the Reds in the nesting box yesterday morning... she wasn't happy about it. They like it quite, dark and calm for their egg laying process. I opened the coop door to check to see if there were any eggs yet and found her telling me to get out and close the door! A Little Privacy Please!

So I disturbed her... then later in the day I was working with a few photos for our eBay and Ruby Lane stores..... Gato decided a little pay back and would not let me work with out jumping in the middle of the photos -

Came home the other evening, the sun was starting to go down, and we found the three stooges shoved back into the trees and weeds on our dirt road. Valentine was laying down, Cocoa and Teddy were sleeping standing up - by the time we got the camera out to snap, Ted decided to start walking to us to see if we had gotten him anything good to eat while we were gone. Sorry Ted no food for you this time. We didn't even have a peppermint in the truck... felt bad. :0( 
Not like he needed it though - 

Chica is a sweet little girl, but no lady when outside playing. She is a mess....

Runs, barks at everything, rolls in "things", digs in the dirt, eats things she shouldn't... She just loves it outside - LOL

We went to visit a client earlier this week to look at some antiques to buy for upcoming shows... I spent almost as much time in her back yard playing with her peacocks! Yes Peacocks!! They were so beautiful, and tame!

But as beautiful as the ladies were... their BABIES were just adorable!! AND TAME!

They stayed close to Mom, and when she made a noise that meant to far get back, but they would come right up to us! They even pecked on the bling on my flip flops... LOL

So So So cute! They don't actually belong to this lady, she says they just live in their neighborhood. Roam around and stay where they feel the safest. Well her yard must be safe... well that and the food she leaves out for them. She said some nights there are up to 28 full grown peacocks there!!! And a bunch have babies right now... I want a peacock!!!

I wanted to take this little one, but I figured Mom wouldn't be happy with me...

Super friendly... may  have to look into getting one some day.... wonder what the Guineas would think? LOL

Have a super blessed weekend - we are suppose to get more rain - so today will be getting a little outside work done so we will be ready for the glorious rain!

HUGS and -


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Baby peacocks!! Super cute & adorable. Great photos as always. Have a lovely weekend - and no more disturbing the chickens when they're having some 'me time'! ;)

okienurse said...

Peacocks are a little noisier then the guineas but hold their own with other fowl. Grandparents had a slew of fowl ducks, chickens, guineas, peacocks and they were the alarm sounders for all. Better then a guard dog actually! Functional and beautiful!

Carol Dee said...

Baby peacock is cute with those big eyes. I Friend once had some. Her neighbors hated them. The would roost on the carport and poop. LOTS of poop on the cars and sidewalk and get VERY LOUD. Still they sure are pretty.
So Gato is a (Photo Bombing * cat! LOL.
Great Grumpy Chicken pic. Yep, we all like our private time PRIVATE!
Have a great weekend.

Helen said...

Great pictures again. Chica is a cutie; she is the same as one of my girls; always running through the mud; jumping in the water and making a mess of herself. Have a great weekend. Regards Helen

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