Saturday, October 19, 2013

Animal Crackers - Visiting the Girls

Howdy -

I think I already told you about our visit to the property next door this week. You see all of our Girls are "Mowing" her pens there. Really fabulous thick green grass for them to eat. We created a tunnel like area where they can travel from their pen on our property to the neighbors property, where they can graze on 20 acres. Grass that they are loving so much that they don't come home as often as I would like. So Hubby and I walk over and visit them. Being that we had been gone most of the week before doing an antique show we missed them terribly, so we really were excited to see them all. But not quite as excited as they were! People ask all the time if our donkeys are dangerous. YES! If you don't pet love and give total attention to them. They will push shove and nudge you until you literally fall over! A few are worse than others. I am kidding to a point... LOL

Here Hubby is telling Gabby and Juliet that we missed them too... and he is explaining to Gabby that she doesn't need to nip on his shirt to hold on to him.

See how calm and good Macie, Irene and Sonia are...

Waiting their turn.... and making sure we didn't bring anything good to eat... sorry girls just us this time.

They followed us across the property - keeping as close as they could while staying in their line....

Hubby went off to the side to check on the boys in one of the front pens, and make sure their water was nice and clean. He hates when their water is nasty. Buckets are checked daily and scrubbed usually at least once a week if not every other day. Sparkling clean water here!

 The girls watched closely to make sure Hubby didn't give the boys any treats...

When he got back to us they lined up again to follow..

I hung back... cuz I just love to see them all lined up.. one day I am going to get Hubby a flute or something.... LOL

Now the girls were not to happy when Hubby went through the other neighbors gate. (He was feeding their dog for them for a few days, and checking on their cows.)

Uh Hello.... where is he going. They all stood around waiting to see why he went on without them.

They were happy to see he came back really quick and then followed him back across the field towards me.

We then decided to check on the neighbors house while there. We had lots of storms and rain for a few days before and we just like to make sure everything is good and no surprises for our friends.

You have no idea how hard it was for them to not follow us up on the porch and come on in... LOL

They knew they did not belong on the porch, and I don't doubt that they have even snuck up there when we weren't around... but they know better.... and so they were good and just stood on the first step and waited for us. LOL

Of course the three standing there are the nosy, pushy girls.... The most obnoxious and spoiled as babies. Juliet the standard girl, we felt bad that the other standards would let her hang with them and she was so young so we gave her extra attention.

The one in the middle is Felicia, her and her mom were really sick just after born so they lived in our back yard and I fed her for a while every 4 hours until Macey could take over again.

Then on the left...Gabby.... she is my high fever baby. For about 4 weeks she lived in the back yard with her Mom. Fans on her 24/7 - ice baths 3-4 times a day. Got use to having her temp taken 4-6 times a day. And no she doesn't say ahhh and stick out her tongue. Yes... she got very use to me working with her. In fact Gabby has the proud title of "The Donkey that actually came in the house". Family always said one day I would bring one inside... I said no... but her temp got so high one day that we had to bring her in the air conditioning. She lived a whole day in my bathroom, air cranked down and fans on her. So these three...they think they should have invitations in the house for sure.  But sorry girls, this isn't my house and I think you muddy hooves would not be good on their nice pretty rugs. LOL

We love these girls all 23 of them... and then there are three other girls in other pens... and then there are 14 boys we adore.  A few babies coming next year... and we won't even go into counting goats... chickens... dogs.... cats..... no wonder the feed store loves us so much!

Hope you have a wonderful day planned - a blessed day -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

How sweet is that. Yes he sure looks like the Pied Piper! LOL. They certainly love you two. :) All your fur babies are adorable. Have a fun weekend. hugs...

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Such great photos! I love to see a big group of your babies, it reminds me just how many you have. And of course, it's wonderful to see Gabby looking so well. I remember those worrying days when she was a baby.
Wishing you all a great weekend.

Niki said...

A flute is definitely in order. Hope your feed store is a co-op!

Great pics, love seeing all the fur babies.