Saturday, October 5, 2013

Animal Crackers - Its Dark Here!

Howdy -

Well this past week we were doing an Antique Show... we left before the sun came up and came home after the sun was down... I haven't seen my fur babies without a flash light all week!! Just kills me, and I think they are missing us as much as we are missing them. Will be spending some quality time later this weekend for sure!

I was planning ahead and thought I would have lots of photos that I took last weekend for you - I am just so organized and prepared you know... I took almost 60 photos Sunday afternoon.... NOT ONE came out!!!! There is something seriously wrong with my camera and I am very upset about it. I haven't had a moment to figure it out this week - but I plan on working on it ASAP as I can't not have a camera around here can I?

So this week is thin - I have a couple from my phone, one from last week, and then one from the show that I took of part of our booth.....

Here is what has been referred to as the "girls" side of our booth.

LOL yes they actually do say our booth looks like 1/2 is "girlie" and then the other 1/2 is for "big boys" you know .... military, duck decoys, manly looking items. I say one side is toys for little kids and the other is toys for big kids... girls can hunt and do military things too? LOL  Was a good show - tired, but happy to move on to the next now. Glad I took this photo before the show started... it was different at the end of the show :0) -

Here is a photo I don't think I showed last week - I love that I didn't get her all in the frame when I snapped quickly - kind of artsy...

Sweet Mary - She has gotten all grown up - And I do believe she is going to have her grandma's "pop" eyes.... sigh... LOL

Found this one on my phone from last week -

 Alice and her big ice blue eyes... Hubby and I have been talking and this next week we are going to start putting some of the girls in with Frank and Peso.... So start the count down!!! just over 5 months we should have bouncing kids!!! YEA!!! Alice will be a first time Mom - can't wait to see what her and Franks babies look like!!!

I snapped this one with my phone as well... I loved the coloring.

Isn't the best photo - little blurry... but the sun was setting behind me, and Fraidy Cat and Big Moe were out enjoying the nice evening, and watching the gorgeous orange sunset...  Nice life huh? Lounging watching life is the big activity of the day - nice...

One more photo...

Hubby brought this in too me this week - He checked on the garden in the dark after we got home... was very proud that he brought this in to me...

First strawberry from this crop. I have pouted and made fun of him because of the last crop - You see we got LOTS of yummy strawberries... but I say "We" loosely.... I only got maybe 3 or 4 of them. So he was very generous and brought in this gorgeous 1st strawberry for me to have... I was so proud that I really hated to eat it, but it looked so yummy.. so I snapped a photo of it, then washed it and took a big bite... OMG... It was so BITTER it gave me the shivers!!! LOL It was just a day or too early I think.... LOL Hubby said he would test the next ones that are ready before he brings them in to me. Great... now I may never get more... LOL  He says I need to be in the garden when he picks them. LOL Guess so huh?

Hope you have a great Saturday and a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

The booth looks wonderful. I ove the photos of the goats & cats&. Hope you're having a relaxing day.

Carol Dee said...

Alice is stunning. she and Frankie should have some really pretty babies. What kind of strawberries do you grow? Ours are done for when the weather heats up. Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend with the fur-babies.

Helen said...

A bit late, but was out in the weekend. Love the pictures of the goats. The strawberry looks delicious on the picture ;-)
Regards, Helen