Saturday, February 7, 2015

Animal Crackers - Autie Yawns

Howdy -

Lazy Afternoon here - At least Autie thinks so -

Last week I told you I had taken a more photos than I could show you - so this week I am sharing the rest of them... they were some cuties that I just had to show off... Autie was so ready to head back inside to his pillow and crash. I think he yawned three or four times... then I yawned... being lazy is a contagious thing you know...

Doc caught it ... he was so relaxed - And adorable!

Gonna be a loud week around here next week.. it is already time to wean the boys off the Moms. So depressing they are growing up so fast. Doc I think will be ok... his brother Wyatt is going to be the very sad boy. He is attached to his Mom's side and is really going to be upset when they are taken away from his Mommy.

Now we did have a major accomplishment this week with the "kids" - Lizzy is officially the first of the babies to figure out how to jump on top of the huts. They have all mostly figured out the tops of the igloo huts - but the larger structures are a big deal to be able to climb on and relax up in the air above everything. Lizzy was so very very proud! As was I ... I just forgot to run in and get my camera... next time...

Guinea Girl was relaxing in the hay too...  These girls really do crack me up - they are in total control of the goat pen. And goats dinner looks like a soft bed so be it! LOL

Love this shot...  Now only with your good girl friends are you ok to lean back and scratch your rear end. Belle is really enjoying that fence is just the perfect place for that perfect scratch!

 I could sit and watch these animals for hours. They are always so entertaining - and sometimes so peaceful. Truly we are blessed to be given opportunity to watch over them.

Hope you can have some time to enjoy some furry kids - I think with the weather being nicer today Hubby and I are going to take some time to enjoy our kids - Sounds like a great little break to me.

HUGS and -


BethW said...

Perfect way to start my weekend-thank you for the smiles!

Carol Dee said...

*giggle* I yawned just looking at Autie's big yawn.