Saturday, February 21, 2015

Animal Crackers - Hello there -

Howdy -

Sun was gorgeous Thursday afternoon - and everyone was out enjoying it - Abigail was shouting out at the top of her lungs .. Hello There... the sun is out!

We weaned the girls off the bottles this last week... they cried for the first couple of days... I am still pouting... miss our quality feeding time. I didn't go in the pen much for a few days. But now that they are calming down I will start going in and loving on them and getting them use to visits without the bottle of milk.

Found Chica enjoying the sun - of course she had to find a spot just after "Dad" had mowed and was covered in grass.. but as cute as she is it is all ok.

Doris was staring me down in the chicken coop... I think she wants her afternoon lettuce... better find it quick don't you think? That is one intense stare! Don't look too long it starts to freak you out!

Found Sam resting perched up on their pole. Poor guy has been dragging around a bad wing. I think he had one of the girls fight back - the day we found Cora so poorly and lost her, was the same day Sam was injured. I guess Cora got one last fight in her before it was too much.

Sam is getting better... don't think his wing will be perfect again - but he is ok.

Picture perfect shot of Miss Ellie Mae - She is a stunning girl don't you think?

Those long gorgeous ears, long long eye lashes and a voice that can be heard a mile away! Love this girl!

Then I saw a game going on...

 I think it was a race... Pepita and Mirta were gobbling up the very last of breakfast hay on the ground. They were moving pretty quick and picking up every last piece. Sweet girls. These two are BFF's for sure.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - lots of rain chances here for us. We always can use the rain... just wish it would come on weekdays.. LOL

HUGS and -


BethW said...

Perfect way to get my Saturday started-thank you so much for making me smile.

Carol Dee said...

A beautiful sunny day. Look warm and tasty. Still bitterly cold here. I could use a fuzzy donkey or goat to snuggle up with right now! Have a relaxing weekend.

Helen said...

Great pictures again; my dog also loves to lie down in the sun.
Regards, Helen