Saturday, February 14, 2015

Animal Crackers - Heart Day!

Howdy -

And a Very Happy Valentines Day! We will be going off Animal topic today... you see it is Valentines Day - I adore Valentines Day... and each year I share with you about our day - Today is Hubby and I's 28th Wedding Anniversary - It is also Hubby's Birthday - and the holiday of Love! Special Day around here....

Hubby this year really did very well in the surprise and gift department. We are usually not the gift giving or secret surprise couple. We give all year to each other... so birthdays, Christmas and such we just don't do the big gift thing... but this year. He really gets the points for going out of the normal... He has planned for weeks a special present for me, and I had not a ounce of a clue... Now we are together every day.. all the time so to do this he had to really sneak around.

He found a beautiful antique sterling locket with a little ruby and stones -

 Sorry for the glare on the photos...  - old photos are hard to capture especially in this locket.  So amazing he found the photos of us.. and then got copies and fit them into the locket. With out me finding out!! He said he worked on the photos in the middle of the night... sneaky!

Just to make sure we do have a furry kid on here I thought I might share an oldie with you... Not That Hubby is the oldie... LOL... the photograph is an older Animal Crackers photo. And one of my all time favorite shots of Hubby and right after we got Libbie as a puppy... LOVE this shot! 

Seeing Libbie as a Puppy got me thinking about Autie and Chica as puppies....

The Day we brought Autie home.... meeting Libbie for the first time. 

Cute Cute Cute...

From that first day, he has always been a total love. Calm, patient with Libbie and all the puppies over the years... Hard to believe he was this tiny - OH My...

And then Chica... first puppy born from the very first litter... This one sums up her personality completely!

Chica was never intended on being one of ours. She was for sale. I actually had her sold.. and while I was gone and the people called, Hubby told them she was claimed already Sorry... I asked who claimed her... HE DID! Now I can't imagine life with out her.

Guess all the thinking ended up being a trip down Animal Crackers post huh? 

I am missing puppy breath!!! Better get over it. All the dogs are fixed now and honestly even little bit of puppies might push me over the edge with all that we have going on now. Love them, but... well no puppies any time soon for sure!

Hubby and I have been extremely blessed - he is my best friend, my partner and my heart.  I pray we have another 28 years together -

Man that was a long long long time ago... LOL

HOPE you have a wonderful Valentines day -
HUGS and - 


Martinas Welt said...

Wow...what a beautiful antique sterling locket!! And the photos of you two are lovely! How sweet of your hubby! We will be married for 23 years this June, but we are a couple for 29 years this April...oh my God! Time really flies!
Have a lovely Valentines day and Happy Anniversary, too!!!

Carol Dee said...

Awww what a sweet post. You and DH look so happy and you still are. That is WONDERFUL. He did good with the surprise gift. If you did not already know this I would tell you he is a keeper. :) Happy Everything. Big Hugs....

Marilyn said...

Loved reading this post and man, oh man... are those puppies adorable!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! What an awesome surprise, it's a beautiful locket! Texas Cropper