Saturday, February 28, 2015

Animal Crackers - Whoo Whoo?

Howdy -

Brrrr... a bit chilly out there isn't it? Good thing I had lots of photos last week in the sun, cuz this week I just didn't get any decent pictures. Well Hubby got one really cool photograph....

Yes, it is grainy and not a "great" photo... but I still think it is a great photo. You see we have had an owl camped out around here the last month or so. I know they are beautiful and wonderful and all of that... but they still freak me out when I have baby goats and when I let the dogs out after dark. So when I hear him close I call Hubby out to help be on guard just in case. I would just die if one got one of my dogs or baby goats. Well we heard him in the front of the house..... Hubby pointed his camera on his phone up towards a dead tree over our pond... he couldn't see a thing as it was pitch black... and look at the photo that he captured!! Cool huh? As long as that guy stays over the pond and not in the tree over my back yard and goat pen I am ok..... come after my kids and I am one unhappy momma! But it is a really cool photo!

Showed off Chica last week... Autie was also enjoying the fresh cut grass...

Just after I snapped this photo... he starting rolling... sigh boys....

Speaking of fresh cut grass... Lizzy was really thanking "Dad" for the buffet...

 All of the baby goats were enjoying the grass... not much longer and they will be just looking through the fence with the adults.. as their horns are coming in and those heads are just about too big to fit through those squares! LOL

Now Paintbrush is one of our "old ladies" in the goat pen. And I think I am with her... Breakfast in Bed sounds just wonderful doesn't it?

Why stand when you don't have too? and besides breakfast is closer and does happen to be awful soft!

I have been trying to figure out an issue with our big boy chicken Leon...

 You see his tail feathers have been getting lighter and lighter in color. Just his tail feathers. Well the other night I went out just after the sun set and found out why. And I don't blame him at all. You see as cold as it has been at night here I have been running heat lamps in the chicken pens. Well Leon has found that he likes his rear end warm.... so his tail feathers have been right under the heat lamp. Not near enough to touch - but enough to fade them I guess! LOL

Hope you are inside where it is warm today - or at least bundled up and staying warm! Went out on errands yesterday and wore my heavy jacket... oops. Nearly froze! Here in Texas I just don't pull out my real coat much, but today... uh I will have my coat when I go outside! But the weatherman said on the news last night that it will warm up first of the week again... suppose to be 80! How insane is that. Then Wednesday another cold front and high of 48... gotta love Texas Weather! Only here .. flip flops one day - boots and coats the next!

Have a great day -
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Carol Dee said...

That is one COOL owl photo!
Still VERY cold here. Sure hope spring come soon.