Saturday, April 9, 2016

Animal Crackers - Baby Sebastian

Howdy -

I have to say lots of spare time has been spent out getting to know Sebastian... he is such a love!
And absolutely Adorable!! Just don't look close at my house as I have spent too long out there! Oh heck it is never too long to spend with a new baby!

This little guy just loves his hugs! And just like his Momma Bella he is pushy for it! LOL But that is just alright by me.

I really don't think there is anything cuter than a little baby donkey with those long legs and LONG EARS!

Mom likes to get a little pushy with her son as well... they do love to play with each other and have fun.

I just can't stop saying it... adorable!!

He is a pistol.. he is already eating a bit of grass and hay.. following his Mom and learning what she does.

ok... new word... Beautiful. Even as a boy he is is beautiful!

Other news around our place. We said goodbye to Uno this last week. He went to a new home and has a bunch of new girlfriends to keep him company. I am sure he is a happy boy.

And sadly the two other little boys will probably being moving on this weekend. We would love to keep all our kids, but we already have too many "men"  around and the smart thing to do is make sure our boys that leave go to a good home and are happy and taken care of.

I will say I will miss these handsome guys... Luna has been especially sweet for me.

 Centavo is a little more independent but just as sweet and handsome!

We are planning to move around a few and get some girls in with Peso and hopefully DOC as well. Hubby thinks he may still be a little young... but I still want to give him a girl or two!

Hope you have a very blessed weekend and hug someone furry!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Love those fuzzy baby pics of Sebastian. My house is a mess and no baby donkey to blame it on. :) LOL