Saturday, April 30, 2016

Animal Crackers - Glamour Shots!

Howdy -

Oh my did I have fun taking these! We did a little Glamour Shot session with the 4 Chicks...

The chicks were so good... they just sat there and posed for me. Now they may have been thinking I was a little nuts.... and yes I am, I can admit that... But I wanted to get some decent photos of them to show just how adorable they are. This is "Frizzle" I think it is a frizzle chicken by mistake. We bought 4 Bantams... I wanted Frizzles but they were sold out. Maybe one got in the wrong grouping just because they knew I wanted one so bad! Whether it is a Frizzle or not.. its name is "Frizzle!"

Just too cute!

Now here is the really weird thing. The other day I went in to say good morning get their lights on and check the water and feed. And as I turned and went out of the room, someone let out a scratchy and very young ... cock a doodle doo!!! OH MY!!! We have at least one rooster in the group maybe? I went back and begged for them to do it again so I could see who it was... and little Frizzle stretched out that little neck and there it went again!! "Cock a doodle doo!"  Oh boy maybe a Frizzle and maybe a rooster? Love this one! 

Then there is Jet ... Hubby named this one. Jet is the more luxurious of the four. Also the calmest. 

 Is she strutting some feet feathers or what?? She is so beautiful, and again very calm. It is like she is studying everything real close. She is always the first to run to the end of their pen and peck on my hand for fun. Well I think it is for fun... LOL

Red is also strutting some feet feathers, and has beautiful coloring to her. Hence the name "Red"

 She is the largest of the three, and seems to be the leader of the group. I guess being biggest can give you that title.

She is my trouble maker... she seems to think her place is on top of the water container, and once it gets down less than 1/2 full.... yep... she topples it over and then no more water. So I check in on Red and her perch a few times during the day just to make sure her throne is upright.

 Don't mess with Big Red... LOL

And then there is Spot. My little brave chick!

 Spot is the tiniest of the four and was my little hurt chick that I didn't really think was going to survive. But she stayed strong and fought her way through everyone and is doing great! She is a little behind the other four. I think maybe a little bit younger? Her feathers are just really coming in and she is a bit scruffy... but still a looker! Or with that next she is "A looking" ?

The Spot that she got her name from was just a dot on the top of her head, but it has now filled in to the large black area, but "Spot" it will always be just cuz she seems to like that name!

 OH and she has some REALLY long feet feathers!

We have really loved adding these guys to our family. All the other chicks moved outdoors a couple of weeks ago and are going great! They have really mastered the bug hunt game. I love watching when that not so smart fly buzzes into their pen. Now that is really a sport to watch!

Hope these Glamour Shots gave you a smile this week. Might have to do it again when they are all grown up to show how pretty they are when those feathers are all grown in!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!
HUGS and -


okienurse said...

Awesome photo shoot! I love the pictures of all the birds but Frizzle is a looker! Is it a good thing she maybe a he? I love the pin feathers around Red's sharp! Jet is just a beauty with all her color variations. I think Spot is going to be beautiful bird too when all her feathers come in. You are so lucky be be blessed with your animals! I enjoy reading about the donkeys, goats, chickens and pups. Vickie

Marilyn said...

Fab pics of the new family members.

Carol Dee said...

Ohhh I love the glamor shots! Those fuzzy feet are so sweet!

BethW said...

I had no idea chickens could be so gorgeous!