Saturday, April 23, 2016

Animal Crackers - Best Selfie Ever!

Howdy -

Still been cleaning up around here from the "big storm"... finally had the insurance out to see the property this week and have an appointment for my sad truck next week. But all is good. Grass is VERY happy. Wow! Was mowed one night this last week and I really think it grew a few inches in one day! Hubby says the rain... and the lightning. Whatever...  it is giving the animals great greens to chow on!

We let Sebastian and Bella out of the Momma pen early in the week. Was such a depressing day. I really loved being able to walk out the back door and just steps away was a baby donkey hug! But now he is out wandering on 20 acres... and loving the running room. Hubby and I were discussing how much we were missing all the daily hugs from "Seb".

So yesterday I was working on the computer and got a little ding on my phone with a text message... Hubby says "A little Selfie with Seb" ... I LOVE IT!

 Two of my favorite guys... Adorable! Yes both of them :0)

Now I snapped some photos of the doggies outside yesterday. I realized it had been a while since I showed my three indoor kids.

Autie was out walking through the freshly mowed grass...

Big steps for my little guy... He actually has been standing like that lately. He had a little boo boo on that foot a while back and now he protects that leg and stands like that sometimes. Hard to believe he had a short hair cut just a few weeks ago... his fur grows so fast!!

Chica is my little hyper girl. Unless she is enjoying the great outdoors. Then she chooses a place in the yard and just sits, chills and enjoys the view.

A total spaz but a total sweetie - 

Miss Libbie stays pretty close to the house and porch now a days. Her eyesight is pretty poor now.

She looks bug eyed most of the time. But she finds her way around and still barks to warn us of every single little noise there is, or even think she hears. Still the leader for sure. Despite the eye issues she is doing pretty good for my little old lady. Love this gal!

So I think I told you last week that the four Bantam Chicks are still living in their chick house in our spare room. They are still SO SMALL. I am afraid they will get out of the chicken coop. And they are too precious to loose.

 That little yellow one is the one I think was a lost little Frizzle in our group. She is SO cute! Well they are all cute... Spot is in the front and is the smallest and the feather on her feet are longer than any feather on her body. Red is the largest, the black one is really the comedian in the group. I go in to visit and she runs over to me and jumps towards my hands and pecks on me. But Frizzle is so different I just smile as soon as I see her. They are so sweet. Much friendlier than the other chicks. I am going to try and get some better photos of these guys... but I need Hubby's help for that.... They are quick and last thing I need is a baby chick loose in the house with three dogs and a cat! So Hubby will have to help guide and protect so they don't get away while I snap.

Short post today... seems like time has been flying by this week.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed week!
HUGS and -


soaringeagle said...

I always love the pictures of your animals.

BethW said...

YOu are right-best selfie ever. Thank you for making my Saturday a whole lot happier.

Carol Dee said...

Everything looks green and wonderful there. Perfect for a lazy day in the sunshine. I too love the selfie of SH and Seb. I agree they are CUTE! ;) The yellow chick sure is adorable. DH got some meaties this year. About a week to D day. ugh. :(

Helen said...

great selfie of dad and seb; he is such a cutie (seb I mean). The doggies are cute; mine had also something on her foot and if you tell her is your foot auchie, she doesn't stand on it anymore LOL. Hugs Helen