Saturday, February 4, 2017

Animal Crackers - Bad Bad Cocoa....

Howdy -

Well this week Miss Cocoa has been a very bad girl.

Cocoa is one of our standard Donkeys that roam on their own around the farm. She is the leader... of course she is, being the Woman... Valentine and Teddy (the guys) usually just go, do and follow wherever she leads. You can see it in their walk when they really don't want to leave where they are... but when Cocoa is ready to move on to a new spot... they just must follow. Well that was until this past week. You see Cocoa was a very very very bad girl. And I think the boys knew it was a big no no what she was doing and they didn't go... where you ask? Well you see our neighbor has cows, and a very brushy pasture that runs the length of our property. An old wire fence is our property line. But he has a hot wire a few feet onto his property to make sure his cattle don't just walk through that old fence. Well at some point in a storm recently the hot wire seems to have been knocked down and was no longer hot. Cocoa decided that she wanted a little privacy from the two guys that are always on her tail. So she found a spot in the fence where she could move the wires and stepped under and went for a little stroll on the neighbors property. Now she didn't do this once... twice... even three times. We know of at least four times she has gone on these little trips!! The boys while she is gone... well they flip out! They run, they hee and haw, and basically sound like the world is coming to end. Great little warning that she is being bad! They are great tattlers! Well Hubby has patched up the fence where she has her special path, and we are looking at doing a bit of rework on other areas of the fence. Cocoa will need to learn to stay home. I really don't think she wants to meet the neighbors Bull.... he is BIG and SCARY!

Sweet photo of Gabby and Patti...

With the look in Patti's eyes I think she was gossiping about Cocoa getting in trouble. You know how ladies like to talk about the other gals sometimes... LOL

Crissy was watching us call out and chase down Cocoa and thinking... I am staying right here in this goat pen... safe in here!

 In reality if she could get past her fence to more green grass she would be out in a second. But she is much much safer to stay put!

Vicki was coming at me in this one for some head scratches. Such a beautiful lady...

And then one more this week. One of Hubby's Guineas has been hobbling a few days...

Thinking maybe she and one of the goats got into it? She is doing better now but really had the wobble walk for a while. Is it just me or are those dots moving? Man they can give you a headache if you stare at those feathers! Don't stare at the feathers! LOL

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day.. us, well will be a bit sad this afternoon as Patricio and Flavio will be leaving and going to their new home. Love spreading donkey love, but it just kills me for my babies to leave. I am sure there will be a few tears for me later today... But they will be loved.

Hugs and


dragonfly60 said...

Love your animals and their stories. Thanks for the smiles.

okienurse said...

Gee whiz Mom don't ya know a girls gotta have some fun!! Great start to a dismal day! I woke up late, sky is over cast up here in OK...suppose to get some rain...and the front passage and cooler weather has my arthritis in a uproar! Love seeing all the pics and all the shenanigans the critters get up to! Have a great day! Vickie

Lena's Creations said...

As always, I enjoy your "animal crackers" :-) I can't imagine your sadness at letting those two boys go, but as you said they will be loved, so that will bring you a bit of comfort. Have a Blessed week!