Saturday, February 11, 2017

Animal Crackers - Goodbye - Hello?

Howdy -

Well just as expected saying goodbye to the boys last weekend was a little tough. Exhausting and emotional....

Exhausting... well lets just says that Flavio (as expected) was not a happy camper about putting on his harness and being led to the trailer. Poor Hubby LITERALLY was drug around on his rear end with Flavio saying NOPE ... not happening. After what seemed like forever a bit of reinforcements came and helped Flavio into the trailer. Then he settled down and was looking at us like ... so where are going?

Patricio was much calmer, just a little convincing and he was in the trailer.

We had over an hour drive to deliver the boys, and then we arrived we were able to unload them right into their pasture. No leading Flavio anywhere.. whew!

I don't know who was more confused... the donkeys or the cows.  Flavio was not at all sure what these large things were and what the heck was those things coming out of that ones head!!! Patricio... he just saw fresh grass and never seemed to care about the other beings in this pen. Now the cows... they were slow, cautious, a few were curious and walked over to the donkeys.. Flavio did a little snort... and that was it! About 40 cows including the longhorns were taking off as fast as they could to the other end of this huge pasture. Flavio... yep he was in charge. Even if he didn't realize it. He just looked at us as if to say what is their problem?

The longhorns were beautiful... but a bit scary too. Donkeys... they weren't interested or cared after they made their way into the other side of this huge pasture and saw they had acres and acres of grass.

It started raining and it was cold... so we said goodbye, tried to stop and call out to the boys, but they were in the chowing down zone on grass and didn't even look up at us. Will miss them terribly, but wow they have a huge piece of land to live on with a sweet family.

Now Sunday.. we had a little more excitement.

You see I guess Miss Cocoa met some new girlfriends while visiting the neighbors property... and she invited them to visit our property it seemed.

 We went to breakfast and when returning we had visitors. Hubby tried to move them back to where we think they got through but nope they were enjoying the grass on our side of the fence. So we called our neighbor and he came out and worked on his side of the fence and did a head count to make sure all his girls were back where they were suppose to be. Cocoa has stayed put on our side, we think.... Nice to have friends on the other side of the fence, but we had to explain to Cocoa that they need to stay on their side and she has to stay on hers!

Was a bit different dealing with cows this week. Great animals for the neighbors, but I think we will stick to donkeys and goats. Don't mean to offend anyone... but cows, well they just don't seem to be the sharpest, you know?

Hope you enjoyed a few cows this week... Have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

It sounds like the boys will have a wonderful place to live. Those long horns are LONG ! Handsome cattle anyway. Hope the fence has been fixed and the cows remain on their side. :)

Lena's Creations said...

Aww, I can imagine how sad you must have felt leaving those two great boys behind, but it must make you feel a bit better knowing that they will be happy and they do have each other. Those longhorns look very impressive. Nice to have visiting friends :-), but yes you do need to have that talk with Miss Cocoa. Have a wonderful week!

okienurse said...

Sad story today and happy at the same time. It is tough when your kids move on and leave the the family behind. Looks like they are moving to a nice place and will have lots of new friends. I never cared for cows either...dumb as a stump some of them are! Great week ahead...cold front coming though and I was really enjoying this 70 degree weather! Vickie