Saturday, February 25, 2017

Animal Crackers - Home Grown

Howdy -

Have we had some excitement here this week!! We have some home grown baby first here!

We have been counting the days that Momma Jet has been sitting on her pair of eggs and at 20 days, this Monday, we had two little surprises!! Home Grown chicks! We have been so happy! Hubby has wanted to raise our own little chicks forever, he has tried more than once to incubate babies. But it seems that Jet with her first try knew just what she was to do.

And she really did give us two adorable little chickies!

Now give may not have been the best word there... Jet was not the happiest with Hubby when he took her two little chicks, but it the safest for them. They would not survive out in the chicken coop.

So they now are living inside in a safe little chicken box. With a heat lamp and lots of TLC.

Hubby has been very protective of his little babies. We are praying that they keep growing and getting stronger every day!

Snapped a photo of Miss Gato.. isn't she just the prettiest kitty in the world?

Love those big green eyes!!

A couple of goat photos this week too...

Jill - Such a sweet lady.

After we nearly lost her a couple of years ago she is just a pet now. But a loved pet. And so pretty!

And speaking of pretty Vera... 

Wish she was a friendly as sweet as her Aunt Jill... but even though she isn't quite a friendly she is a pretty little girl. She kind of looks like she knows she is gorgeous! Super model pose!

Hope you enjoyed this week.. and got a little smile!
HUGS and -


PaperSunshine said...

How exciting! Congratulations 😊 Pretty goats and Gato! It's so heartwarming to see the love y'all have for animals, I follow Second Chance Farm in Granbury and she is so dedicated to animals, rescuing the ones who are blind or crippled etc. someday I may have a small farm too. I hope! For now I enjoy your posts very much 😀

Hugs, Lori

Carol Dee said...

Awck.. I love babies. Cute little fluffy butts. And yes Miss Gato is EAUTIFUL. I love her fur pattern and those stunning green eyes. :)

okienurse said...

Awesome pictures and such good news today! Congratulations on the baby chicks!

BethW said...

The chicks are indeed adorable. Don't blame hubby for being proud. Gato is gorgeous.I love seeing her. Thank you as always for sharing them with us.

Lena said...

Congrats on the new additions to your family :-) They are so cute! And yes, Miss Gato is beautiful and I think she may just know it :-)
Lovely pics as usual. Have a wonderful week. Hugs ~ Lena