Saturday, April 22, 2017

Animal Crackers - Frenemy?

Howdy -

Came through the house the other day and found this... now yes it is adorable. But you have to understand at just how much this was a shocker to me! You see Libbie runs the house. She is Small and in Charge! She doesn't especially love her "sister" Gato. A Fenemy.. LOL She barks constantly at her. Tells her what she is doing wrong and how she feels. Drives us nuts. But at this moment... there is peace!

Why she ALLOWED Gato to sleep on the beds with her I don't know. But it made a totally sweet photograph didn't it?

Another sweet photo... A smile from our old man Frankie!

He was chillin' up on his deck under the tree the other afternoon. He is such a happy old goat. Especially since that nasty horn came off last year. This guy is always friendly, and always available for a scratch on the end of the nose. Honestly that is the only spot I scratch on... the rest smells so bad you don't want to touch... take my word for it! Male goats are smelly! 

Vera... This goat really has me on the fence! Beautiful but so unfriendly! 

Oh she wants to be friendly but just can't quite bring herself. Looks are for sure her best quality!

Now looks are usually with Jet... but right now... well not so much!

 We are going through a little bit of moulting here. Not so pretty. Feathers everywhere, and some nasty bald spots on our girls. Not everyone is moulting, but a few that are really do look pretty yucky! The only bad thing is that most chickens don't lay eggs during moulting. So I will be happy when their new feathers come in and they are all pretty again!

Thought I would also share Hubby's little garden this year. Last year was rough on the garden, and we didn't get what we expected. Darn weather! Not enough rain, too much rain.. hail... This year so far things are looking good!

 Here he has tomatoes, strawberries and watermelons... hoping he can get the other half done soon, but things like work are getting in the way! But the other side is my squash and zucchini! So hoping we can plant them soon. Looking forward to those tomatoes first though! I rarely get the strawberries, him and the boys that rent our guest house usually eat those up while out there.. LOL and I am not a watermelon fan so not so excited about those... but again the guys are!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
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Carol Dee said...

The garden is looking good. leaps and bounds beyond ours! But planting season and last frost do not come until May 15th usually. So having potatoes and peas in already is GOOD.
Frank sure looks better with that nasty horn gone. :)
have a lovely week and I will be around again next Saturday for a visit. Son has 24 chickens and is getting about 4 eggs a day. I wonder if they are molting. I have not gone down to see.

okienurse said...

great picture of Libbie and Gato. I have cats that are the same way and never seem to be friendly to each other unless I am not around then they snuggle up together! Love the garden pictures. It seems like we had very little winter this year and our garden is going great guns too! Vera is gorgeous! I have a friend with stud goats and I was asking her why they smelled so bad and she told me that part was hormones and part was the fact they pee on themselves to scent around...nasty! Have a great week! Vickie