Saturday, April 8, 2017

Animal Crackers - Loving Spring Weather

Howdy -

The weather here in Texas has just been gorgeous lately. Totally loving little evening strolls and visit all my furry children.  But some children will do anything to get your attention and made you laugh….

This is Scarlett or "Red" as we call her. This goat ALWAYS has to be center of attention and demands it.. Even if she has to work her head into odd places to reach out furthest to you.

That nose was just pushing for some loving. Oh who am I kidding they were wanting "Dad" to bring them feed… but it wasn't time so they were all really let down. But still funny and then was ok with some head scratches.

Gracie and Sandy look as if they were being patient and calm in this shot.

But in reality they were screaming the loudest. Gracie like her Mom Chloe is a very loud talker especially when it comes to food.

I can not express how happy our new "Men's Pen" in our front pasture makes me. You drive up and see happy boys grazing in their very green pasture… and totally love to see the boys and the three standard donkeys all together, ok with a fence between them, but together. This was Valentine and Rico posing for a rare shot together.

Diego and Miguel were in the background doing a little your scratch my back I'll scratch yours…..

And Teddy… he just loves posing on his own… anytime, anywhere.

Such a handsome guy… And the sweetest personality. This guy always loves hugs and ear scratches.

Thought I better update on the chicks… before they are too big to be chicks anymore!!

They have gotten so big! And moving and flying around in their chick hut! Man they make it so hard to put in feed and water twice a day! So nervous I am going to be on chick chase one day soon! Getting close to moving into the chicken coop… just not quite yet! Momma still worries about them out there. Especially since Hubby found a very large snake stealing eggs last week!!

This is Itsy or Bitsy… not sure which and they are pretty much identical. They are getting pretty big too. We are so proud of our first home grown and hatched little chicks. Just hoping they are girls!! But thinking we may have a rooster as one of them is much more aggressive than the other. Sigh… Don't need another rooster.

 But they are family so if we do Hubby is just going to have to build me another coop addition for them.. LOL

Hope you got a smile this week. If not take another look at that photo of Scarlett and tell me you aren't grinning!

Have a blessed weekend - HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

SO nice and green there. Muddy here. Plenty of rain, anxious to be able to get into garden. Love how fast the chicks have grown. Cool feathered leg/feet on the black one.

Ginger Shaw said...

Loved the picture of Scarlett.
Love all your babies.
Thanks for sharing them