Saturday, April 15, 2017

Animal Crackers - Sleepy Boy

Howdy -

I love all my furry and feathered children... but this little boy has a special place in my heart.

Autie is my boy. And this guy and I have a bond. He knows when I am sick or don't feel well and is right there with me. The other night after working all day and getting home late he was stuck to my side. Or here stuck on top of me. His ritual is to climb up on me in my recliner at the end of the day and cuddle. During our cuddling he fell asleep. And was and is absolutely adorable! How could you not love that sweet face?

Now I thought I should update you on Old Man Black Jack. He is doing so much better!

He is enjoying his pen all on his own now. He has put on weight and is looking much healthier. Now that may be the special senior feed that Hubby has been feeding him. I guess it is like "Ensure"or something?? He acts like it is having a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sprinkles! I don't want to be around when Hubby has to explain that he really doesn't need his special food every day. LOL

And then how about Black Jack's daughter Pepita? Pretty isn't she?

She is in Raffie's pasture and we are so looking forward to their baby! Things have been "active" with Pepita and Raffie so this time next year we should have a bouncing baby! So excited!

Also in Raffie's pen is Lacey and Vicki.. Vicki is my hope for another spot... well I guess we could have spot from any of the three... but Vicki gives me a little more % of that.

 Vicki and Raffie has given us a few amazing babies in the past. Haven't seen to much action yet... but I am sure things are in the works. :0)

Cute photo of three of girls having their dinner.

 All serious business when dinner is in the works!

Speaking of serious!!!

How is that for a serious face on Leon?? This man is large and in charge! He is also so beautiful! Or Handsome. He had just gotten up from a little roll in the cool dirt and was shaking off a bit. LOL

Everyone around here is starting to loose their winter fur. Donkeys and Goats. Makes for some shabby weeks, but then they slick off and look so shiny and pretty.

Well Wyatt must have been doing a little scratching with all that loose under coat.

Both horns had wads of fur hanging from them. Ewe... Ha! Won't hang there long, he will rub against the fence and it will all shed off pretty quick... I hope!

Hope you all have a wonderfully Blessed Easter Weekend -
HUGS and


Soaring Eagle said...

It is always so much fun seeing all the animals. So happy Black Jack is doing better. Hope you have a very Happy Easter.

PaperSunshine said...

What a sweet face Autie has! Yay on possibilities of new "babies" next year! Love that pic of Leon, wow what a handsome rooster. Glad Black Jack is feeling better too. :)

Hugs and Happy Easter,
Lori K

Carol Dee said...

Sending wishes for a blessed Easter Day. Enjoy the critters and the lovely sunshine.
Leon is one HANDSOME Roo. All the donkeys and goats look so happy and healthy. YES Autie is ADORABLE. ;)