Saturday, April 1, 2017

Animal Crackers - Great bonding

Howdy -

One of my favorite photos that I snapped last week!! Well other than the new chickies...  Rhett and her "big" girl Thelma.

Rhett is still pretty attached to her grown up girls Thelma and Louise. I think next breeding season Rhett will be put it for breeding and break off her adult girls. But still love this photo!

Peso grinned... he is ready! So how long before breeding season? LOL

Ha! Such a handsome boy!.. oh sorry "MAN"!

And how about a beautiful lady? Miss Bella was out enjoying the spring sunshine.


She has finally accepted that her son Sebastian is now gone. She actually accepted it much easier than he did... He screamed for Mom for a few weeks, he is doing much better... more grown up.

The March spring weather has been so beautiful! Afternoon naps are so wonderful!

Darlene really was enjoying her nap in the warm sun!

If I wouldn't have had to curl up in the dirt... might have joined her. Did feel wonderful in the sun.

Now this week I am ending up with a little sad photo... I told you last week that we have three of the girls in the pen with Raffie for breeding. Well Ellie Mae is not happy at all with that.

 You see Ellie Mae's BFF is Vicki... and she doesn't like not being with her buddy. Makes me so so sad. I think maybe we will have to have a talk with Hubby, Ellie Mae was never able to get pregnant. But maybe we can go ahead and put Ellie Mae into Raffie's pen. Hopefully she won't get in the way of the job that is the task at hand, she will be happy with her BFF and if for some miracle Ellie was able to get pregnant YEE HAW! I think it is a great idea! Hubby should go for it too don't you think? Yea!

Hope you got a smile this week... and hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Rhett and Thelma are beautiful ladies. They look so spiffy standing in the sun shine. Ahhh sun, we had sun today for the 1st time all week. Looks like another stretch of rain and clouds on the way, ugh. I think a nap in the sun, even in the dirt would be lovely. :)