Saturday, March 24, 2018

Animal Crackers - Did you bring me anything?

Howdy -

As we came home the other day Teddy decided we were not allowed to pull in unless we have some sort of payment... Did you bring me anything? A carrot, peppermint??

When he doesn't want to move... he doesn't! We ended up parking about 10 feet back... sigh... gotta love him.

Sweet Pea was looking mighty cute yesterday afternoon.

 I see what I am hoping is a baby bump there! She gave us such a gorgeous little boy last time... But when you are that cute... you have to pass down cute right?

Boy that better be a baby bump there on Olive Oyl...

Her first time as a Mom and hoping so much she passes down friendliness and personality - along with all the colors she carries.

We decided to move in Macie to live with Darlene in the pen up near the house. She has helped settle down Darlene... and she is loving that special feeding!

Now she doesn't need to put on weight.. as you see. But well she is doing a job supporting her old friend Darlene.. so a few extra calories is worth it. LOL

Got a great shot of our outdoor kitty Samantha "Sam" - 

Those eyes almost glow in the dark! She is so luxurious with that black fur. Beautiful -

Hubby has a new friend -

 He has been out in the garage refinishing a piece of furniture... and last Sunday a pretty white bird showed up and has been keeping him company in and on the garage... every day he comes and visits and then late in the day he flies away... all week he has showed up. Hangs out while Hubby talks to him, and then flies away later in the day he goes home, wherever that is.

It is nice to make new friends -

Well I hope you have wonderful plans for this weekend. Make sure to spend some time enjoying a furry or feathered friend -

Hugs and -


Carol Dee said...

Sam is beautiful, silly people that do not like black cats!
Fingers crossed that that those are baby bumps, love them bouncing baby goats. :) Husbands new friend looks like a pigeon. We are getting up to 8 inches of snow today. i WANT Spring. At least it will melt fast. See you next week.

okienurse said...

Ted E. Bear definitely is giving you the stink eye there...guess he thought you were carrying a bowl of mints in the car! I just love seeing the animals on Saturday even if I don't comment every time. I think your husband has a new friend for sure. It was a horrible storm here one night and I went out to check the swimming pool and found a pigeon like this in the swimming pool. It was alive so I put it in a cat carrier on the porch and went out the next morning hoping it was alive. It was and so I fed it and left the door open. It came to visit several times and ate the food I had left it. Evidently they use them to bring racing pigeons home when they are racing...evidently not as valuable as a racing pigeon. Weather is great here in OK this you guys are warming up too! Have a great week!

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