Saturday, March 10, 2018

Animal Crackers - Lazy Cloudy Afternoon

Howdy -

Was just a Lazy Cloudy Afternoon yesterday - no blue sky anywhere to be seen. Wasn't cold Wasn't hot. All the animals were out just wandering around. They love sunny spring afternoons... they are coming kids promise!

Sonja wanted to make sure to get a good close up shot for you guys today -

Those eyes are so gorgeous. Big Brown eyes... such a sweet little girl. Slow Calm and Sweet for sure!

Our old lady Darlene also has that Slow Calm and Sweet personality too.

 Hard to believe she is 26... she deserves to move slow. But if this girl sees you coming out with a treat... she will run over the younger girls! I think we are going to move her into a pen of her own for a while and feed her some feed for geriatric equines... just build her up a bit after winter.

One of Darlene's boys "Pavo" has her same characteristics.

But he is more cautious than anything else. Never has been a pushy to the front kind of donkey. He waits in the back and just waits his turn for whatever is going on. One of his own one of a kind donkey traits is the fact that he likes to save a little snack of hay on his back.. yep... he likes to stack up hay on his own back for later... LOL funny boy.

Shhhhh. pause here and quietly move past Sandy...

Remember Lazy Cloudy Afternoon... Love that leg stretched out for ultimate comfort!

Wow.. I am thinking that baby that Victoria is carrying is laying over on its side... what do you think?

Those babies move around quite a bit! Just a couple of months now people! eeeeekkkk so excited!

Juliet was excited too! ok..... so that is really a yawn!

 Please do not zoom in on those teeth! The girl really needs to brush her teeth! Wonder what she has been snacking on recently? Seems to maybe have some mud attached to it. yuck.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Maybe the weather and the animals are telling us to kick back and relax this weekend. Sounds good to me! I wish!

Hugs and -


Carol Dee said...

A slow lazy day is always welcome. I am looking forward to babies there, too!

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Can't wait for the babies!!!! Hope you get to enjoy some of the weekend. We've had nothing but rain :-(

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