Saturday, June 16, 2018

Animal Crackers - Breakfast Time NOW!


Yesterday I went out early with Hubby before he fed breakfast. All though I am not an early morning person, I do love going out with him in the morning as that is when the animals are all out and a bit more outgoing. It just gets too darn hot here by middle of the day and everyone is usually hiding in the brush or in their huts to stay out of the heat.

Back to breakfast... This is the first thing you see when you come out the back door and look to the left.

Cocoa staring with all her might to will you to come her way first and feed her. She is like a statue... please come this way.

If you look to the right... this is what you see.

 You have to look past the goat pen.. all though they are all standing perfectly still staring as well. But then you can see the donkeys girls pen. They are all lined up begging for breakfast too. You would think they were starving... LOL

I decided to walk around into the girls pen and snap photos of a few.

 Nope not interested in me at all... they have to keep an eye on the prize... BREAKFAST! You must at all time watch where "Dad" goes and make sure you not forgotten. Like that ever happens. If "Dad" ever moves the wrong way or goes back towards the house they start screaming to remind him that they are still there. So spoiled.

I finally got a few to pay attention to me. But getting a photo of Juliet for you wasn't easy... this girl likes to move in close and always be the main center of attention.

 She is such a sweetheart.

Ellie Mae is adorable and just as sweet.

But she and Jolene were still making sure that the meal is coming...

The exciting part is that now "Dad" has moved back towards the hay barn... it is getting closer!

I tried to snap at least one photo of the babies for you. But Willie and Waylon were on hyper active jumping mode and all though they were entertaining I didn't get a single photo where they were not blurred by motion.

Now Domino.. he had his morning exercise and had just settled down for a rest...

He still loves his bowl bed. But I hate to tell him he is really close to not fitting! But I will wait as that face is just way to adorable to upset him now! Glad I snapped this one when I did as one minute later "Dad" pitched in their breakfast and he was up and gone! Can't be late for breakfast!

Inside the house I found Gato in one of her new places to chill -

 A couple of weeks ago at an estate sale we were working I purchased these vintage chair cushions. Not that I was planning on a use for them after the sale... they were simply to use on hard folding chairs that weekend. LOL Hubby thought I was nuts while doing it, but I did notice he took one during the sale. But I decided they would still find a good use for us.. But I haven't been able to move them very far out of the spare chair in the dining room. Gato has taken ownership of them. As long as she is happy...

Hope you got a smile -
Have a blessed day -
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TA Carbone said...

Michelle on Jolene it looks like she has 3 little lumps on her neck or is that her coloring

Carol Dee said...

I noticed the same as TA ! She sure looks sleek and healthy. They all do. We made need a video of the bouncing baby goats, nothing cuter ;) We also are having TOO hot and humid weather. Got to run errands NOW so I am home in the AC before the real heat sets in. Have a wonderful week.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

The heat and humidity is miserable in GA too. We went straight from winter into summer with only 3 days of spring in between. And I'm not surprised at all by the focus the girls had on breakfast. My dogs don't want any love or affection until after nummies either!!! But then it's all love :-) Great pics!!! Domino is a real cutie... shame they have to grow up!