Saturday, June 2, 2018

Animal Crackers - Meet the twins!

Howdy -

Things are bouncing and happy! Abigail decided to give birth to twins about 30 minutes before we got home one afternoon this week. She did fabulous and is a wonderful Mommy... and we are totally in love with the boys... Willie and Waylon!

Absolutely Adorable.. I know! They were tiny when born, but are growing more and more each day and are now exploring a bit on their own and even starting to think about playing with Domino. But Mom isn't too sure about that yet... funny he is twice as big as they are so Mom is protective I suppose. In another week or two they will be all three running, jumping and bouncing together I am sure!

Dad is very proud of the twins!

Look at the silly grin... Love how much he loves his furry children. 

Here is Mom Abigail with the boys... Look how trim she is already! That girlish figure back so fast!

The boys mastered the bowl very quickly, they are now learning the deck and I have already seen Willie trying for the bench. But that is a bit away. I think he figures since he sees Domino do it.. he can too! LOL

Close ups to melt your heart...

Willie up first...

And then Waylon!...

I think Willie is going to have more grey on him... Waylon is going to stay the sharp black and white like Mom. Love those little stripes above Waylon's eyes.. they crack me up.

Here is the Moms and Babies all together. Domino was teaching the twins that you have to climb on the alfalfa first... then you can pretend to eat like Mom does. All though Domino is already starting to eat a bit of hay... they grow up so fast! 

Well we played hard for at least 30-45 minutes... we need a nap now we are just worn out! Whew!

Have a wonderfully blessed day - Smiles and HUGS


Marilyn said...

Man, oh man... there is nothing cuter than a baby goat!

Martina said...

OMG...they are soo cute!!! Love them both!
Greetings from Austria,

TA Carbone said...

Congratulations, they are beautiful as always

okienurse said...

too cute! WOW! I am impressed how big Domino has gotten in a couple wonder Abigail is cautious letting Waylon and Willie go play!! Love they questioning eyes on Willie and Waylons eyebrows are just gorgeous!! You have some awesome fur babies!

Carol Dee said...

OMG !!! They are so cute. Waylon is going to be stunning. So happy to see more bouncing babies. (And always love the 1st photo with Dad.)

Ginger Shaw said...

Two absolutely beautiful little babies. Love the photo of proud Dad and the babies.
You have such lovely names for your children.
Thank you for sharing your family.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Melting with all the cuteness!!! OMGoodness, those eyebrows on Waylon! He's going to have a personality, for sure! The pic with Dad really gives a reference to how tiny they are!!! Super sweet! Congrats!!!