Saturday, March 2, 2019

Animal Crackers - Blessing and Sadness

Howdy -

This week we had a little surprise... Abigail had a baby! Now Hubby and I have been "discussing" Abigail.. I gave up the discussion. You see young man Domino got with Abigail and now we have this little cutie...

What a PERFECT little surprise! And ... it is a she! Her name is "Penelope Garcia" Giggle.. Giggle... love that character and her name! Love the black and white spots... just like Mom Abigail and Dad Domino... but Grandpa Peso is showing with a few grey spots!! She is so so so tiny.

But a very loud loud voice!

That is how Hubby found the little surprise... went out the back door and heard that recognizable high pitch scream.  Called me out and all I could say was... "I TOLD YOU SO!!" I knew that Domino had those dreamy teenage boy eyes after Abigail and well.. now we have Penelope proof!

Despite Hubby not liking me use the I told you so quote... he was very happy to have found little Penelope... traditional day one photo -

I will get more this week for sure... but now to the sadness.  We lost our old lady Paintbrush -

We have been very sad about her dying, but have some comfort in that she lived a long life and we gave her the best we could. We knew it was coming as she was just having a really hard time getting around. Paintbrush was our first goat choice - we ended up buying all four that first day but when I saw Paintbrush I fell totally in love. And knew I had to have her. Then her and her three friends Lillie, Annie and Frankie became a part our family and started our LOVE for our goats.

Gorgeous looks and a loving sweet personality - 

She has giving us lots of beautiful babies over the years - And was such a great Momma.

 We will miss her terribly - She was the starting heartbeat of our goat family.

RIP Miss Paintbrush - You were very special and we hope that we gave you the best life we could and spoiled you with all the head scratches and hugs you could handle! You were a very very special goat!

I guess this weeks post has a life learning lesson for us here... we loose some of our furry animals but they go on with our new babies we have.. even when unexpected!

Have a very blessed week - and please HUG that furry friend of yours!
HUGS and 


Martina said...

Dear Michelle,
one go, one we say and in your post it is reality. I am so sorry for the loss of Paintbrush. She was such a beautiful and charming lady.
Your surprising baby Penelope looks funny. I had tolaugh when I saw the photo where she is screaming =) She is still quite tiny...but I am sure she will be great charachter ;)
Greetings from Austria,
Martina...who is reading your Saturday post every week...but only comments once in a while...

Helen said...

So sorry for your loss, but she had the best life a goat could have at your place with all the love given. Your tiny Penelope is a sweetie. xxx

Carol Dee said...

Happiness and Joy all bundled up in the messy business of LIFE. SO delighted to hear about the darling Penelope surprise! And saddened by the loss of Paintbrush. Love 'n hugs from Iowa.
p.s. as always I adore the 1st day photos with Dad ;)

Marilyn said...

I'm sorry to hear about dear Paintbrush but if you have to be a goat, you want to be one of Michelle & hubby's goat because I'll bet anything that she had the best life ever! I can tell by your writing that she was special and so loved.
I nearly spit out my coffee when I saw Penelope's pic of her screaming... that is so funny but she's as cute as can be!

Soaring Eagle said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of Paintbrush. That is the hardest part of having animals. You newest little pumpkin is absolutely adorable.

Lena said...

So sorry to hear about the passing of Paintbrush. I'm sure she had a wonderful and happy life with you and your hubby. It's so sad when our furry friends pass away. And what an emotional roller coaster for you this week! Sending warm hugs your way. Your little cutie Penelope is just too funny. What a great picture of her and "dad". Take care!

okienurse said...

sorry to hear of Paintbrush passing. I remember when you got her! I started following many years ago when it was called something else....before the goats came to stay! Hope Miss Penelope does well! She is drop dead gorgeous! Hope you have a warm week! It is freezing here in OK
Vickie aka Okienurse

Ginger Shaw said...

So sad to lose Paintbrush but what a wonderful life she had.
Welcome Penelope. You too have a wonderful life with your lovely family