Saturday, March 9, 2019

Animal Crackers - I never have favorites... but...

Howdy -

I never have favorites - I love all my furry children the same. Really I do... but when there is a new baby here.. oh my I swoon and am over the moon! Totally adore our newest little girl. Penelope is so tiny and adorable.

 Now she has caused me LOTS of worry and lack of sleep this last week. You see we got cold here.. cold for us, and cold for a new born baby. Penelope's Mom... she is a bit of a nut case and wouldn't take her into the hut at night. We don't close up the goats at night, they always go in on their own when the weather is cold or nasty. But Abigail for some reason lost her smarts, I was worried sick and finally before I totally lost it - Penelope got up on her own and went in her own. Smarter than her Mom I think! Then Mom followed and went in - LOL

Cute little Mom and Girl huh?

Sweet little face. Wish she had blue eyes but she is still perfect.

Is there anything cuter? Now this little one is really tiny as I have said... but seriously she has lungs! She doesn't like being apart from her Mom and when you move away at all... WOW you wish you had ear plugs!!

Now the most exciting part of little Penelope is those grey spots! She is gorgeous like her Mom with her classy black and white coloring... But those few grey spots just melt me!

Abigail is a good Mommy for sure, just not a people person. But good to her babies so I am ok with her attitude. I just want to get Penelope to be a bit friendlier than Mom.

I just love having babies here! Makes me so happy!

OH one more photo - She is my doggie baby.. no longer a baby, but my youngest. And isn't she just gorgeous too?  Love you Chica!

I was taking photos of Penelope... low and close to the ground as that is where Penelope is, and I looked to my left and Chica was laying right there with me, just outside the Baby pen. Just laying there looking at me. So pretty!

Love my kids! Hope you got a few awes and warm fuzzies this week. A smile or two :0)

Have a blessed weekend
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

good Morning. Awwww Penelope is so ADORABLE> Funny how sometimes the littlest can be the loudest. (Just ask any bus driver.) LOL Have a wonderful day and a warmer one so there are no more baby P worries.