Saturday, March 16, 2019

Animal Crackers - Happy Saturday

Howdy -

And Happy Saturday! My "kids" just make me smile! And with a face like Alvin how could you not?

Such a handsome man.

And Love his head scratches...

And speaking of head scratches the three ladies that are in with Black Jack were really fast to come for some attention. That or they were wanting to chat about moving back into their Ladies pen and out of Black Jacks Pad.. 

Sorry girls you are staying in there for a while.. I really want to make sure you have all the time you need to be bred.

I tried to snap a photo of Jolene... but had a hard time, she was trotting up so fast. 

I am SO thrilled that Jolene is able to be in with Black Jack. A couple of years back she got so sick we really thought we might loose her be we got her through it and she is very healthy and hopefully pregnant! LOL

Lovin' the colors on this gal. It was a bit chilly.. so she was pretty puffed up and really showing all those feathers.

And Miss Guinea... she was doing her normal chattering and pacing up and down the fence. Always on the move! Maybe she is trying to get all her steps in from her fit bit? LOL

And just cuz you know I have too... here she is saying.. "what grey spot???" Lol

 I keep making such a big deal about those couple of grey spots, so so so adorable. She is really bopping around now. Hubby and I both tried to snap photos of her first few days of climbing on "Mount Mom" she is really wanting to stand up on Mom, she has the climbing on when Abigail is laying down, but the balancing to get comfortable... well she just rolls off. It is such a time waste! I could spend all day sitting and watching her play.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and have lots of smiles!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Aww who wouldn't love Alvin? HE is a charmer. Those baby antics are always so fun. I hope you can catch a short video to share with us. I could use a smile. Spring may be on the way here. But coming in with rain and MUD. Flooding of Mississippi and all tributaries. Going to take a long time to recede. Hope you are all high and dry.