Saturday, March 23, 2019

Animal Crackers - Need to get something off your back?

Howdy -

So do you ever want to get your kids off your back? A little peace and quiet? Well I am sure Abigail has that same little thought...

Penelope is working on balance now and she LOVES bouncing on and off her Mom. Now I suppose there are many that pay big bucks to do yoga with goats.. and maybe those little feet poking around like is like a fancy massage! I could have a gold mine here! LOL

I haven't said much about Penelope's Dad lately... we have really been "kidding" a lot about being such a young daddy... he is taking it all well. Ha!

Such a sweet looker!

I went and played with the outdoor kitties awhile yesterday - It was so beautiful outside and a few were out enjoying their porch on their Cat house - for those not aware we have a enclosure for our outdoor kitties. It isn't safe to be a cat on here on our property... coyotes, hawks, dogs in the area... they wouldn't make it long at all. So we have our outdoor kitties in their own house. No worries... they live well. A 10x20 house - with wall benches with beds, heat lamps in the winter, lots of food and water at all times, then a huge fenced in area that keeps them safe from all bad guys with covered porch, more benches to relax on and shrubs to hide under. They love it - We go in and play with them and give head scratches. But as I was leaving and closed the enclosure door.. well Samantha reached out and wanted more head scratches. 

Ok "Sam" a bit more just cuz you are so adorable.

Speaking of adorable... Mr. Ted E. Bear - he is such a love and all the donkeys really liking that Spring is here and fresh green grass was starting to grow!

Now I don't want you to think that Teddy was being unsociable.. no never Teddy. He saw me snapping photos... he bolted towards me and insisted on attention. This guy is such a friendly sweet big man. LOVE HIM!

This "little" boy too! Valentine our other standard guy. Our "baby" that is a grown man in years and size but not attitude.

 Oh and lets not discuss the rolls of fat ok? Would hurt his feelings for sure! I will never understand how the rolls of fat show up when they live on grass... insert shaking head here.

One more adorable photo today.. Autie got his first haircut of the year.

 Love his long flowing hair, but it is so hard to keep clean and untangled. So to make life cooler and easier for Him and us my baby boy gets a puppy cut! Its not quite as short as I normally like it, but still chilly at night a bit so we kept it a little longer for his first cut. He is such an adorable man!

Hope this week gave you a smile again - These kids of ours make our life a total joy. We are very blessed.

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend and hug a furry friend for that warm happy feeling!
HUGS and


Soaring Eagle said...

I absolutely love, love, love Penelope. Could she be any cuter.

okienurse said...

I love the baby goats!! Don't think I would care for goat yoga tho! IT is so awesome that you guys took those cats in and gave them a safe forever home. I would imagine Samatha knows it and is saying thanks! I love animals and can't understand how people can be mean. Going bluebonnet hunting next week1. Have a great week! Vickie aka Okienurse.

Carol Dee said...

The green looks good to me too Teddy. Spring has finally arrived here in IA too. :) Have a wonderful spring day.

Ginger Shaw said...

All your animals are gorgeous. I would never be able to get any work done as I would be watching them all the time.
Love them all.