Saturday, June 29, 2019

Animal Crackers - Doggies and Kitty

Howdy -

 This week I thought I might show the "domesticated" children. My doggies and kitty - now I guess we could say our pets. But honestly we all know that all our animals are pets. LOL

Chica... I really think this little girl is a super model. She see's the camera and she poses and gives me that look from those big brown eyes that just melt you - 

Really she rarely takes a bad photo - Does she get a bit nuts and crazy when you say things like "cookie",  "green beans", "Daddy's Home"... yes she is a little bouncing ball. I think the only thing you can say is "Bath Time" that gets her to run and hide.

Speaking of Bath Time... I snapped this of Miss Libbie last bath she was begging me with those old eyes to sneak her out of the tub and wrap her up. Wish I could make her happy. But she really needs the bath...

Not sure why they all fight baths - they all love how they feel and sleep after a bath. Ok.. Autie doesn't fight a bath. He just loves the attention. He is a bit odd.

Yes odd -

At night Autie loves to get up in my lap to cuddle. He flips onto his back and has me hold him like a baby. He then falls asleep, snores and mouth falls open. From this view I feel like by baby boy needed to have braces. (insert rolling eyes here) And then we have to turn the volume up on the TV... he snores really loud.

Gato - oh my she has been ---- well pushy the last couple of weeks. She goes through these personalities - loving, hold me, I want your attention - then suddenly she is done - she wants to be left alone, don't mess with me. I guess a typical cat. Well the last couple of weeks she has wanted my total attention. Even when I was trying to do my crafting... right in the middle of where I was working.

Gotta love her, and always stop and give her attention. Ok maybe not when she is butting heads with me at 2 am to get my attention. But all the other times -

And then Miss Moxie -

This girl really believes she is is total control of all of the outdoors here. They are her Donkeys, her goats, her chickens to watch over. She stays her distance yes, but she is always there. My little rolly polly girl. Love that face!

Love all these faces. We are blessed to have all the animals in our lives. And I tell Hubby all the time that if I could I would bring them all in the house.. but for now I will love on my doggies and kitty inside.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Awww how sweet, they are so lucky to be there with you and your dear hubby.

Ginger Shaw said...

You are so lucky to have so many babies. Where I live we are only allowed one. I would love lots more.
My little dog Pepa is nearly 15 and gets more precious every day.