Saturday, June 8, 2019

Animal Crackers - Happy Old Man

Howdy -

I thought I needed to share just how happy Frankie is living with all the ladies.... Our old man is Large and in Charge in the "Ladies" pen. He thinks he is "THE MAN" and just thrilled.

NO one messes with him (I was worried with him being so old they might beat him up a bit.) But nope a couple started to confront him but then thought differently. So now weeks later he claims whatever hut he wants when he wants it. If someone else is in it... they just stand and move on to a different one. And most importantly when the breakfast hay is thrown out... he claims what he wants and lays across it to protect it and be nice and comfortable, kind of eating breakfast in bed.

Now if this isn't that face of enjoyment ... I just don't know what it is... LOL  And that is also one big bite Frankie!

And then I found Ted E. Bear and Valentine enjoying a little breakfast "A'La Cart"

 If you look in the background you will see Cocoa ... she is finishing up their "real" breakfast... but "Dad" walked away from the cart and it still had hay on it. And we all know that the hay you are not suppose to have is soooo much better than what you are given! No worries though folks... "Dad" just loved on these two and then carefully guided the cart away from them, they didn't get in trouble... of course as they were running along side and grabbing as much more as they could! HA !

And speaking of the best part of breakfast... cool bubbling running water is always a favorite. 

Sergio was really enjoying that first bubbling water from the hose here. Most of the pens have auto water tanks... but a few pens that only have one donkey or goat in them have to be done every morning and checked at night to make sure they are good. And every morning "Dad" likes to give fresh clean water to his kids. And they love it.

It has been a little while since I showed off our newest little girl Penelope... she wanted to say hi and show off her new little horns coming in!

She is beautiful!

And the big accomplishment of the week...

 Alvin Junior and Chipmunk have mastered jumping onto the igloo hut! This is a big excitement for the "kids" when they can finally do this. You see this is where Mom goes to get away from the kids sometimes... so when they master jumping up there they are happy little guys for sure! I tried for a couple of days to get out and snap a photo of these two.. but as soon as they saw me coming out the back door they would fly off the hut and run to the fence. So I had to zoom a ways from the window. And they still knew I was there and looked up to see if I was planning on opening the back door. They were too cute... I had to open the door and give some head scratches... I am a sucker for them!

Hope you got a grin this week.  These children of mine always warm my heart - such blessings!
Have a wonderfully blessed week -
HUGS and


okienurse said...

Awesome photos! You have some beautiful babes!

Ginger Shaw said...

Your babies are awesome but I think the win of the week goes to your old boy. He is still the boss and still so handsome.

Carol Dee said...

Adorable as always, thanks for bringing smiles to us each week.