Saturday, June 22, 2019

Animal Crackers - Uh oh..trouble again

Howdy -

 Uh oh.. they did it again. But this week they got to the cart with a brand new bale of alfalfa. They are not suppose to get alfalfa.. too rich for them especially when it is so hot. And too expensive for us to feed to the stooges and the wasteful mess they make when eating it.

 Sergio said he wouldn't waste any of it!!!! Bring the cart closer to me!!!

Ok.. I made sure to sneak a bite to Sergio.. I didn't want the Three Stooges to let him smell their breath and then make fun of him for not getting any!  He really was happy with that bite!

Now I wanted to go out early in the morning while Hubby fed and get some photos of the ladies and how good they are looking. They are all fat healthy and happy. With the bits of rain we have been blessed with we have had some nice hay for them to graze. And this far into June that is fabulous! But the problem was, they really didn't want to stay and wait for me to get out there, so "Dad" bribed them with a small piece of coastal hay. A group decided to eat that before they headed off to the back pasture.

But then my problem... they didn't want to be friendly and pose for any photos. They were eating! LOL

 Irene was in a real dilemma... they dry coastal hay... or to follow the other girls to the back pasture. Oh my what shall she do??

 FYI ... she had the hay then trotted off to the back as quick as she could.

Now this was too funny to watch!  It is always cute to watch and see how long it takes before the baby goats and the dogs take to really introduce themselves to each other. It is a little like a dance for a couple of weeks... then...

 They get that first nose to nose hello. To get a photo is really huge! And I love that "I am a tough guy" hair raising on Junior! This only last for seconds at a time before one of them jumps and bolts away. LOL Now when it is Autie he just lays down and it is all no big deal. He is so mellow! LOL

After Chica took off I went over and did some much needed head scratches and loving for my boys. And this is what you get when you pull away.... NOOOOO DON"T GO!!!

And if you are not quick enough one of them will bite down on whatever article of clothing they can to hold on.. pants legs, shoe strings.. once they got the tip of my house shoe and pulled it right off! LOL I know I shouldn't have been outside in my houseshoes... sigh.  BTW... those blue eyes on Junior are just stunning aren't they? Gorgeous!

Hope you have a blessed weekend... its a hot one here! So I think inside chores will be on my list for sure, can't handle that heat! Whew!

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

LOL yes Irene food is FIRST! They sure do look happy and healthy. Silly goats - slippers are not tasty!