Saturday, June 15, 2019

Animal Crackers - Summertime

Howdy -

 Summertime - wow it has already been HOT here... hit that horrible 100 degrees a couple times, then a little cool down for a few days and now we are heading back up again. Some of the furry children adapt pretty well. Me not so much. I headed out one afternoon to snap photos... most of the donkeys were off in the shade, the goats found their favorite spots out of the sun to take their afternoon rest.

Thelma and Chipmunk have a great spot under the big tree. Actually is a nice spot to chill. We have a park bench there to sit and watch the kids. Now Junior he was off the other side of the pen, in the tiny bit of shade from the igloo... ok not sure how smart he is, cuz it is really nice here...

Darlene... she has a nice little yard with LOTS of nice shade next to the chicken coop under the trees.

She is such a sweet old lady, she is scheduled to have her done this weekend. Funny how some their hooves grow really slow and then others are crazy fast. Darlene... hers really are fast growers and she needs her Pedicure much more often that others.  Man a Pedicure sounds nice... LOL Not by Hubby and his tools though I tend to like the massaging chairs and warm foot bath.

This girl was really making some noises at me while I was chatting with Darlene about her toes...

Sorry girl... chickens don't get pedicures... LOL

Guess I need to let you all know that Alice, well we all, had a bit of sad news this week.

Alice delivered twins early one morning... they were still born. I think they were just a little early maybe? They looked like their Daddy Alvin, but just ready to join us in the world. Was so depressing. But we will try again with Alice and next time I suppose she will need some special watching and put in a private pen as she gets closer to make sure she delivers to full term. Very Very sad.

Alvin is all trying again.

Handsome man... great personality... what more can you ask for? Yes.. that is Raffie in the background. He likes to sneak any hay that is falls to close to the fence. LOL

Now Autie... not sure why but I found him sunbathing. LOL he was stretched out and enjoying the sun in the grass. 

 You are missing the worst part of the photo... that wonderful sweaty hot dog smell.. Oh Autie!

Libbie... she is so much smarter, she was relaxed, lounging on the front porch waiting calmly for me.


Carol Dee said...

100 degree! Too hot for me. We have actually been enjoying some cooler than normal temps. Even wore a sweater most of the day Thursday. So sorry to hear about the still birth. Hugs to you and the Mr.

okienurse said...

Sorry to hear about Alices babies...hope she is doing okay...I know I sound weird to some but when I was a kid and our farm animals miscarried/stillborn etc I really felt the Momas grieved for them crying and carrying on, Maybe she will have babies to love next time...we had one that would steal the others babes. It has been really weird weather here in OK this year too! Today it should get up to 90° for the first time. It has been wetter then I can remember too! Have a great week! Okienurse