Saturday, July 20, 2019

Animal Crackers - Beauty and Bugs

Howdy -

This week Hubby and I have been talking a lot of about bugs... It is the weirdest thing... we have found more bugs around and in the house the last couple of weeks. It is almost like they know that something is coming and they are looking for higher and safer ground.. kinda odd. And I know what you are thinking.. what kind of bugs right? Ok didn't get any photos cuz I will be honest they were squished quickly but scorpions. Been stung not that long ago and I don't like Scorpions... then the flies have been crazy insane - now summer it is a normal thing, but oddly more than normal.

Lets see...  Praying Mantis -

Now I have no issues with those, actually they are kind of cool. Hubby loves having long in depth conversations with them. They do have a bit of intellectual look to them.

Then there are grasshoppers... we have had tons of them recently.

This guy hopped a ride down our long dirt road on the windshield. He is very striking isn't he. So many details and colors on him.

And oh my spiders lots and lots of spiders!

This lady has been working so hard on her elaborate web outside out dining room window for a couple of weeks.

Spiders generally don't freak me out, I have grown to appreciate them, kind of have to in the country. I still like to keep my distance, as we do have black widows here... seen them. But the others... I let them be and usually those that hang around in one spot get a name. Been thinking on this one, haven't found the right name that just fits. Keep coming back to Charlotte... LOL

Now how about something cute instead of creepy crawly? 

 This girl has her own pillows... 2 of her own special built window beds and lots of other places to take her little cat naps. But after all these years for the first time I caught her wrapped around our potted ficus tree in the dining room. She has ever even showed any interest in it. And suddenly it was the perfect place to snooze. Nice view of "Charlotte" outside from there I suppose.

To end off today I just had to show you something beautiful! And oh man I SO wish you could smell these!!

Hubby has his amazing green thumbs.. heck all his fingers are green. And earlier in the year he came home with some tiny little miniature rose plants. We live in the country... with donkeys and goats that like to eat plants so having places for things to grow just for beauty is sometimes hard. But he so loves to grow roses, and pulled out some flower pots and have them in our backyard. A bit of a tease for both the goats and donkeys but they are not suppose to get in the back yard... and I really hope that they don't sneak in at any time and mess with his roses. Cuz they are just gorgeous and very happy where they are. And well... Hubby will be crushed it they get munched by one of the "kids"!

Hope you have a blessed weekend - enjoy some a furry friend - and appreciate the bug world from a distance.... LOL

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Charlotte is a good GARDEN Spider. Yes I let them be, they eat all those another annoying flies, etc... Thankfully we do not get scorpions in IA. We had a very wet spring, EVERYONE had ANTS by the Billions inside. We are still working on getting them to Go Away. :( Love the cats bed of choice, LOL (Love cats.) And those Roses <3 I can NOT grow roses. Finally gave up after killing dozens of them over the years.

okienurse said...

I love argiope spiders...that’s what Charlotte is. They eat nasty things like mosquitos etc. my husband puts out spider reports when he sees them so I don’t walk into the webs...we had one that was around most of the summer last year and hung multiple egg sacks around the window frames. He told me he has seen a couple already this year! It was so wet here this year and we have all sorts of nasty critters to and like you they never make it to photographs. Beautiful roses.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

I'm in GA, an hour north of Atlanta, and the bugs have been so bad here this year!!! We've been remarkably lucky that most are not coming inside but its terrible being outside for even a minute! Which sucks, cause we have a new puppy that needs to go out often. When we first moved to GA 16 years ago, we had bug issues and after multiple treatments in a short period, the technician told me an inside secret. Use Borax, the old fashioned powder laundry detergent, and put it around the exterior of your house against the wall, and in the bottom of window frames, and around pipes (pour some in the hole of the vanities where the pipe goes down, and under the dishwasher. We did all of that and when neighbors complained about ants, millipedes, and other critters, we had none. I have to refresh it periodically, every few years, but a little goes a long way. Have to be careful and not put it where where pets can get into it, but any is better than none. Outside the mosquitoes are unbearable, and the gnats and flies are bag this year too. We're country too and I have bats (we have 3 bat houses full) and tons of frogs and spiders, but they can't keep up! I think because we had a mild winter they all swarmed this year! Gorgeous roses... keeping my fingers crossed for hubby that they don't become food!