Saturday, July 13, 2019

Animal Crackers - Fun with Goats

Howdy -

This week is all goats... Donkeys were all out in the far pasture hiding from the heat. But the goats were up by the house end of their pen under the tree. Its a nice shady area to lounge.... But before we visit the girls chillin' ... you have to stop and see the kids right?

 Twins but so very different in personality...

Chipmunk he is a love ... A cuddlier and those big brown eyes just melt you. But he does have a set of ears huh?? An adorable cutie pie for sure!

His brother Junior ... now he is just silly and in charge and a stunner! Oh he likes his lovin' too.. and those eyes oh my those ice blue eyes!

A handsome guy for sure!

Then I got a reminder from Frankie... he has pretty blue eyes too... and he is a handsome guy! Old guy! But handsome! And I guess he has that Silly too...

 Love this old man! And his handsome silly face!

Now for those lounging girls... they didn't move the entire time I was out loving on the Kids or Frankie... they had the premium spots and they were not giving them up! Well unless I pulled out some sort of treats for them, but this was just photos today so it wasn't worth getting up.

All though Mallory didn't "park" so well... she wasn't parked correctly for a  forth one to join them, Don't you hate it when someone takes up two spaces in the lot! LOL

Olive Oyl was doing her lounging right at the edge of the shade... and that shade was moving fast so she was going to have to relocate soon to stay in the shade. Lucy... she was already up looking for a new place.  

Lucy... love that silly face. She always looks like she is grinning at me. Hard to believe that Lucy one of our very first babies  and is now one of our old ladies! She is Olive's 1/2 sister - Paintbrush was both of these girls Mom... so glad we still have a part of Paintbrush in these two girls. :0)

Head shaking here....  Oh Lizzie...

 Now goats are destructive creatures. The break up and tear up most everything eventually. And those indestructible dog house igloos... they last us 2-3 years and then they are done cracked broke and have to be replaced. Horns and head butting do damage. And here... they have turned over one, even when "Dad" puts them on a heavy wood base... but no worries they still are a place to get some shade and rub those horns.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend planned. Remember even if your hut is a bit upside down.... there is still positive shade and good angles for scratching!

HUGS and


Lena said...

Love reading your weekly stories and looking at the photos. Your goats are all too cute. I believe you don't ever have a moment of boredom :-) Thanks for sharing your animals with us :-)
Have a great weekend.
♥ Lena
Lena’s Creations

Carol Dee said...

Hot here too, I am always looking to be in the shade when I go outside. Smart goats. ;) Gotta run and get something done today! HA... see you next week. <3

Ginger Shaw said...

Love to see your pictures of the babies. Just look at Frankie. He is still a gorgeous man.