Saturday, July 6, 2019

Animal Crackers - How Handsome!

Howdy -

How absolutely gorgeously handsome is Mr. Pavo? He has slicked off and really is a stunning man! Living in the Ladies pen seems to be agreeing with him - :0) 

He still is very quiet and stands in the background but really is a gentle soul and we love him! Wow really is stunning isn't he.

Speaking of stunning... This little man just oozes his personality and handsome looks.

Those bangs passed down from grandpa Doc... with that long silky beard. Really a looker! Can't get over those bangs... Love him!

 Found Jolene watching from far in the pasture...

Those weeds! Oh my... Hubby gets all caught up with mowing - then so much rain for a couple of weeks and Hubby working overtime... and well. Weeds are happy for sure! But forecast calls lots of sun this coming week so Hubby should get more mowing done now that it is drying up.

And look how pretty this lady is... she does love to pose. 

Ok, a little dirty from all the mud... but still a beauty! Hope she is growing up a baby in that full belly and not just a full belly from all that green grass!

As I was leaving the Ladies pen.. Patti was worried she wouldn't get her photo taken. She does love the camera...

Can't image life without her in our pastures. She is such a strong presence and leader. And she loves front and center attention.

As walking back to the house. Chica was not happy that I was taking so long outside... too hot for my girl that loves her air conditioning.

 It's too hot Mom... lets go in!!! How can that little petite cute face have such a large long tongue! LOL!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - full of hugs from family friends and furry kids!
HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Everyone looks happy and healthy. Especially the pastures! Weeds have grown FAST here to plenty of rain and not enough dry days to mow! Hugs to you and yours and yes little one it is too hot out I appreciate the air-conditioning too!