Saturday, July 27, 2019

Animal Crackers - Summertime.. Summertime

Howdy -

Love the look on my boys face... I think he gets tired of me snapping photos of him... 

 Whatcha doing Mom?? He is so funny. And yes, I snapped Autie cuz finding animals yesterday was not easy. Most everyone was hiding from the Summertime Sun.

This looks like a photo I took a couple of weeks ago.. but it is not. It is across the pen and the girls are in different order.. LOL 

 Finding nice shady spots is a big score for the girls! LOL Not sure what or who they were looking at, but they were all focused on the same thing for sure.

Found Alice under hut. She never showed any signs of being pregnant. She is still living in with Alvin they have become good pen mates and well... if she can't get pregnant she is a good friend for Alvin he likes her. And maybe we might get lucky and she might get pregnant?

 The old lady chicken pen is the best for summertime. It is really 90% in the shade. So they can still get out and strut their stuff and enjoy most all the pen. These old girls are good at struttin' their stuff! LOL

I did find Jorge out and about. He is always active... you know these studly men... LOL He trotted over to the gate and put his head through for his head scratches... he loves head scratches!

But not nearly as much as ...

 He really just wants you to come over and scratch his backside! So he lets you scratch his head for a minute or two... then he flips around for the rear end to be scratched! All though the dirt flies I did oblige. I am to please my kids... but then I had to head in and wash my hands cuz they were black with dirt!

 I guess I am going to have to try and get up early in the morning one day to catch the girl donkeys for their photos... they have been really going deep into the bush to hide from the sun. I don't love getting up early... lol. They love the brush this time of year. I love the air conditioning... ha!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and enjoyed a few of my hot kids this week.
HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

I love the AC too! Shade works if I can't e in AC. Smart critters. LOVE Jorge's back side.... LOL