Saturday, August 29, 2020

Animal Crackers - Handsome Smiling Donkey

Howdy - 

Decided this week to start off with my Handsome Smiling Donkey - My Man Raphael "Raffi

He is so handsome right? Such a sweet guy too! The inspiration for the name of not only my blog, but our business. he is famous! Ok in my little world he is famous - a very well loved! 

Peso was making his high pitch pay attention to me noise... and he just was posing too perfect for a portrait. 

Ok, he is stinky ... but handsome too! And I love his grin! 

Now beautiful... I think this is one of the top three sweetest girls we have. 

Crissy has always been super sweet, friendly and calm. Calm is a rare thing in goats you know... LOL 

Miss Ellie Mae - one of our original donkeys purchased YEARS ago. She never could get pregnant but her personality has made her very special in our hearts. 

She has a voice all her own, and loves to call out when she sees one of us. Beautiful!

Fancy Pants... another of the older ladies. She is a protector... 

We use to have her in with other ladies when they are breeding but she... well... she would "protect" her girlfriends and run off and kick the men. We learned that she has some issues and needs to stay at all times in the ladies pen. LOL GIRL POWER! 

Ending off today is another protector... Big Girl Juliet - 

She must have been really hungry for her breakfast... 99% of the time she is front and center for attention, but when out taking photos this last week... she barely acknowledged me... I did get a look and nod. I think this was a "come back in a bit ok?" 

Hope you have a smile from my fur children. And I hope you and your family are safe and blessed this weekend. 

HUGS and -


Soaring Eagle said...

Always love seeing all your fur babies. Enjoy every Saturday.

Carol Dee said...

My day just flew by and I suddenly remembered I had not stopped to visit here yet today! You sweet animals always make me smile. (I wish I had a place to keep a few fur-babies too.) Stay Safe, Be Well.

Ginger Shaw said...

Every one of your babies are beautiful and unique in some way. They each have their adorable traits.
I don’t know how you manage to do any work. I’d be staring at them all day.
Love them all.