Saturday, August 1, 2020

Animal Crackers - Sleepy Time


Went out early yesterday morning. Boy it was nice outside! Nice breeze and lots of clouds. The heat will be coming this afternoon, but we were all enjoying the wonderful morning. Seems Crissy and Jennifer were especially enjoying it... 

These two were not having a nice little nap.. they were out! LOL I called out to them to see if they would look up at me for a photo, but nope they were SOUND ASLEEP! If I had a hammock I might have joined them! As I said it was really nice outside. 

And then there were some of the other girls... having a little breakfast in bed. Or breakfast as bed? LOL

They are funny aren't they? Love Olive Oyl in the front turned looking at me like she is. HA! 

As I passed by the young boys pen, Domino was chatting to get my attention for some head scratches. So I gave in and made sure he got his scratches. 

Of course I have to choose carefully where to scratch to miss the sticky nasty yellow spots on him... ewe... 

Across from the boy goats pen is Hubby's Cat House... we only have three kitties now in his house. I found one of them inside the house getting ready to climb in his bed in the window. Yes they are spoiled kitties... LOL 

I would like to give you a for sure on if this is Fraidy or Scaredy Cat... but from a distance I honestly have no clue! Heck close up I am not sure either. They are carbon copies of each other, and since I have never bonded with holding either of these kitties, this photo from a distance is as close as I get. And that is how they got their names! 

Went to love on the babies and their Moms. With the nice weather and breeze Big Al was being a bit spunky! Hanna wasn't wanting it... she was trying to get a little milk from Mom... but Big Al... nope he was really being a pest! Little Boys you know... 

And then Hanna had enough... 

Oh my I could sit and watch all these babies all day! They do bring lots of joy! 

Hope you got a little joy from them today - smiles!

HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

Fun clip of the frisky littles! So glad you got some nice weather. IT is crazy cool here this week. I am not complaining. It will get plenty warm again soon enough!

Karen Page said...

Love the video of those sweet donkey babies! Reminds me of how young boys will punch a girl in the arm when he likes her 😄 Glad your furbabies are getting a little break from the heat from time to time! Here is GA its been obnoxiously hot until the hurricane on the gulf pulled some of the heat and humidity to the coast. It never really occurred to me til just now that goats never really get bathed. Ewe. LOL