Saturday, August 22, 2020

Animal Crackers - Momma's Boy

Howdy - 

I know I have told you all  many times about our standard "baby" Valentine. 

He is a big time Momma's boy. He was blessing for us when we purchased Cocoa his Momma as a friend for Ted. She was pregnant already so a big bonus baby for us. This guy is seriously attached to his Mom. She loves to hide from him, and he will have a full out panic attack and run all over kicking, screaming and calling out to her and the entire time she will be deep in a line of bushes or trees watching him. So sad, we have to go out and find her and show him where she is. Big tears.. then he calms down and all is good in the world. You would think he was "young" but he actually is 15 years old! 

Found this the other day... a real photograph of the day Valentine was born... So cute! 

Momma Cocoa is starting to show her age...  really starting to show lots of grey in her deep red coat. 

We have no idea how old Cocoa is, we purchased her as a rescue donkey, there was no information with her. When going to see all the donkeys they were trying to sell and find homes for, Cocoa walked right up to us, her eyes were big and sad and it was as if she was asking to come home with us. She was super timid once we got home, I don't think she was treated very well early in her life. But she has filled our hearts and become the leader around her. She has her days where she is very sweet and lets you love all over her..... then her days where she just doesn't feel like any attention. Thats ok... we love her no matter what. 

Ted has gotten really grey... he is now just over 18 I think. The personality and greeter around here. He usually is found following Cocoa and Valentine where ever they are roaming. But if he gets board or sees anything that might interest him... he will wander off and be his own man. 

The three standards have the property to roam. They can go around most all the miniature donkey pens and goat pens. It is like they oversee everyone and make sure all is well here. 

Now if you have been reading my Saturday Animal Cracker post very long you know Hubby LOVES to take photos of bugs, beetles, birds, snakes... what ever - he loves nature. Well he got a spooky one this week! We find these ladies quite often actually, but not one that was so nicely posed upside down to show off her trademark! 

She is a big girl too! Glad he snapped this one to show me and didn't call me to visit in person! 

Ok to end on a fun note... you seemed to enjoy seeing my life size antique Rocking Rosie last week so I thought I would show off another favorite! 

This is two of my antique pull toy donkeys! The yellow one was called Maude the kicking donkey, the red and grey one is Jack the Kicking Donkey. Both are by All Fair Toys. Mid 1920's, this was before Fisher Price. I love them, they are approaching 100 years old and when you pull them the buck and do a little kick. I was thrilled to find them both in such good condition. They sit in my display cabinet and make me smile when I see them. Kids need toys like this today! But I guess if doesn't have batteries and do something it isn't for them now a days is it? Oh well... they still make me happy! 

Hope you got a smile this week, and that you and your family are safe! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

I LOVE your Pull toy Donkeys. They do look to be in excellent condition for there age.
Too funny how Valentine reacts to Momma hiding from him. Poor Guy.
IT is warming up here again. Hope it is not too hot there. We are also bone dry. Needing rain and there is nothing in the extended forecast.

Stay well.

Karen Page said...

Poor Valentine, but I remember only too well the days when my son was young and I just wanted 2 minutes alone in the bathroom without someone popping in to tell me something, see what I was doing, ask me something that could have waited 2 minutes... that young boy is 19 now and we are super close, but thankfully I am allowed to go to the restroom by myself or sit down for lunch in peace and quiet! Poor Cocoa has been waiting 15 years! Bless her little donkey heart!!!

Ginger Shaw said...

I guess we all need some me time now and then.
Poor Valentine.
I love your pull along donkey toys.
Kids don’t have the same fun these days.
Love your spider but not too close. We have big ones here in Australia.