Saturday, August 15, 2020

Animal Crackers - Summer Cleaning.


What a week! Hubby and I have finally been doing some major "Summer", "lockdown" or late "Spring" cleaning! Now this was not a good week to have a bum shoulder, but Hubby has been amazing and doing 99% of anything that requires any major movement. "We" have been moving out the mass of boxes of our business junk out, moving furniture and cleaning even doing the windows, washing and ironing curtains! This place hasn't been this clean in a long long time! Feel so fabulous! Now it takes a big mess to do this kind of cleaning and we have had to really keep a watch and make sure Libbie was safe and secure in things. 

My poor old little girl... Totally blind, and now she is having issues with her hips. She hobbles and has trouble on the back steps. I totally understand. But other than that she is still doing pretty good and is in total control. She has barked at us more than once about the house in such disorder and things in her way. But we have just made sure that the paths from her bed in the front of the house (she has another in the bedroom, don't we all wish we had that!) the paths from the door, food, water and her bed have been pretty close to open. If not she barks and lets us know to move something. 

I went out to love on the young donkeys... can't say babies anymore they are growing up so fast! I wasn't too sure I was going in towards Big Al.... 

You see the boy has issues with putting his head "behind" his Mom when she is doing her business and well.... getting his head wet. I did not want to get head butted or rubbed on if this was the issue... But upon close look he and Josie must have been playing too close to the water bucket and they both had water all over them. Or it was so hot they just did some dunking for each other! I was just glad I could go in and love on them! 

Lacey tried to tell me it isn't her fault when Big Al puts his head where it shouldn't be! 

She is such a good Momma... but with a teenage boy she does have her patience tested! 

As I was coming out of the Momma pen, Chloe was asking to chat. She loves when we talk to her. I really think she understands me... 

Very few people do understand me... I am glad Chloe seems to. She is a pretty old lady!

Got a call for some hay bales being cut from the man we get all our hay from yesterday afternoon. And this time of year we take all we can get! So late yesterday afternoon... 

He is such a hard worker for me and all out "children" Love him! 

Now that we have been cleaning and moving things around we are able to move out one of my all time favorite donkey collectibles... I missed her being out and really visible. 

This is Rocking Rosie. A full size miniature donkey rocking "donkey". We bought her years back from an Antique shop. The information was that she was a Macey Store Window Decoration from the mid 1940's. She is amazing. We got her not long after we lost a young donkey that was born sickly and had all kinds of health issues... and since she looks so much like our beloved Rosie... this Rocking Donkey became known as "Rocking Rosie" I love it! 

I hope you enjoyed today and got a smile. It is so hard to get good photos the middle of August.. Texas heat effects everyone here! Especially me.. LOL 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and 


~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Happy Birthday hun and thanks for showing us your "kids" every single week ♥.

Carol Dee said...

Did I miss a Birthday? Happy Belated.
I was so busy with storm cleanup this week, I completely forgot to check out your BLOG.
I know all about getting old Dear Libby. Hugs sweetie puppy.
Rocking Rosie is AWESOME.