Saturday, August 8, 2020

Animal Crackers - It takes Cooperation

Howdy - 

Some days they cooperate...some days they don't. I think I took 50 photos yesterday and honestly most of them just were deleted. I have no idea why but Chica just looked sleepy and sad. As soon as she stood up she was running around Happy barking Chica... posing for me... NADA! 

But there are some times I guess you just don't feel like posing and being your adorable sweet little face. This one cracks me up Her eyes look like "Mom, I am really not liking this today." 

Then I went on to get photos of Autie - he got his mid summer haircut. Now I do our own doggie cuts here. They are not professional, and depending on Autie's mood and mine, they can be ok, or a bit ragged. But what matters is he feels better. His fur is SO thick, not like Libbie and Chica's thin long flowing fur. 
But he refused to look  at me for his photo.. He just laid there posed in the sun turning his head and closing his eyes. And it wasn't a bad haircut this time! So he wasn't embarrassed - Maybe it is that he is looking so grey? We are all doing that boy... 

Then I turned and saw Lizzy standing at the fence. She seemed to want to have her photo taken. 
Pretty girl isn't she. I think we may see about breeding her this year. Waiting for the heat to end before we do that though.. right now that seems a ways off it is brutal! 

A Sweet Friend (more like family) took this photo. I LOVE it. Kristen is a great photographer, and this one just melts my heart - she captured some personality here... 
Patti, Vicki and Pavo watching "Dad" get hay out... was it going to be for them? Love the look in Vicki's eye... LOL Better be for us! 

These boys... sigh they are such an awesome sight when coming home through our gate. But I think this Pandemic that has effected us all in our normal life might be effecting them too... 

You see... we before this crazy 2020 year, we ate out at least once a week... shhhh sometimes more. And many of those times was our favorite Mexican food place, when leaving we each get our peppermints. And they then come home with us for when we come through the gate. They LOVE peppermints. Guess we are going to have to buy some mints at the store this week, as they are trying to figure out why we never bring them to them anymore. All though from this shot Flavio really doesn't need any candy... I tried the big boned, water weight, short legs reasons with him, but honestly he is just really got a belly on him. LOL I am right there with you Flavio, can't fault you until I take a look at myself boy! Sigh I miss eating out... mmmm Mexican Food! Ha! 

Hope you all are safe, healthy and doing good. And hope my fur children gave you a smile this week! 

HUGS and 


okienurse said...

I always love seeing all the photos of your fur babies! The puppies just seem to be too interested in soaking up the sun to be bothered with the photo shoot. I loved the one of Gato last week too! I miss being able to go out and about without fear of contracting this stuff. I am on a chemo drug Methotrexate for my RA and the doctor doesn't want me to leave the house because I can catch stuff easily... I broke down and double naked with an N95 valve mask (to protect me) I use for wood working and a surgical mask (to protect the other guy) I had a verbal run in with a man at the pool supply place about me being afraid of my own shadow. It got to the point of him belly bumping me on my back when I turned and threatened to slap the crap out of him with my cane...Yeah I know crippled up old lady with a cane....He asked me who would believe that when I heard a woman say "I would..." there stood a female police officer that had responded to the call from the store. People seem to have lost a lot of manners during this crap. Stay cool this week. This weather is suppose to be horrible here in OK. Vickie

Carol Dee said...

Almost missed checking in on you and yours this weekend. Yep I too am gaining the COVID pounds. It was very nice here last week. Low humidity and cooler than normal days. That is all ending. Hot and Humid Normal August in IOWA weather is returning, ugh.