Saturday, September 5, 2020

Animal Crackers - Cloudy Day

Howdy - 

Oh my... rain rain please come our way. We need rain, and yesterday it was raining everywhere around us... storms would move right at us, break apart then re-fire once they passed us! We are starting to take this very personally! Praying for future predictions to actually hit here! Yesterday it was cloudy and dreary most all day. I went out to snap some photos and found the young men goats playing in their water and flirting with the girls. They are flirting pretty much 24/7 now a days.  Even when trying to be cool and manly, these boys stop their snorting and girl calling to run over for attention and head scratches. They are very sweet boys after all. 

Alvin Jr. came and was showing off his baby blue eyes at me, and his very wet dunked beard straight from the water bucket.


He is always so very sweet, even if he is sticky and nasty. LOL Love this guy and his baby blues! 

Speaking of Blue Eyes.. I found Alice looking out the lady goats new side window. 

Goats are so destructive... sigh... I can't tell you how many times Hubby has fixed, replaced and reattached the side of their hut... But Alice does look like she enjoying the view from the side of hut, but before cold weather that new opening will have to be fixed again. 

I decided that I would try and get a photo of the young donkeys... well they had a different idea. You see it was much cooler than it has been, cloudy and well they were feeling like being rowdy and playing! 

Hanna paused just long enough for me to snap a photo of her resting her head on the fence. She is such a sweet girl. Just wish I could have gotten a better photo... but you can see how sweet she is in those big brown eyes... 

A few minutes later Jose and Hanna stopped to take a minute to "scratch" each others back. 

Love the look on Josie's face, HA! She is like not now Mom! They seemed to really be hitting the right spot and enjoying it! Funny girls... I didn't get a photo in time, but their Mommas Jolene and Bella was doing the exact same thing the other side of the pen. Was too funny.

I came inside and couldn't find Gato... every once in awhile she gets in a bad kitty mode and likes to try and run outside. And lately she has actually made it a couple of times. I did not want to chase her around the back yard or especially up the tree! So when I couldn't find her I had a small panic. Then I went into the Living room when I remembered her new spot. Since cleaning out we have a trunk under a window... I put a quilt over the top of it and Gato now has claimed it as her own window bed with a view. 

Look at that innocent look on her face, You been looking for me?? I've been right here taking a little cat nap. 

Thought I would show off another favorite "thing" around the house. This time a kitty... and some roses. 

First the Kitty Teapot - its not super old, or valuable. But I love it. It technically is Hubby's, he collects all kinds of cat things. I remember the day we bought it, years ago. A great day out antiquing just the two of us, end of the day and there it was on a shelf. Not anything we normally was out looking for but it stood out and we had to have it. It has personality. It sits in my corner cabinet on the top shelf where we can see it every day. Behind that Kitty... something very special. Those are the silk roses from our wedding. We sat and made those roses with my Grandmother before our wedding day... Grandma and I sewed, Hubby wrapped them with tape and put them on wires. Then we filled them with bird seed... I have saved that little grouping of them for over 33 years... It is a nice happy memory of Hubby and I spending time with my Grandma. Miss her, but have lots of special memories like this. 

Hope you got a smile today - Cooler temperatures and a little bit of rain makes us and my fur kids happy and smile! 

Have a blessed weekend!
HUGS and 


okienurse said...

Love the critter pics today! Those eyes melt me every time I see them and little ALVIN OMG!
I would gladly share some rain with you! We got over 4.5" in 3 days last week..3.6 came in one day and flooded my swimming pool! I think one of those storms that split down in TX is the one that hit us. I liked the cooler weather for a few days! Love Gato's pick. My Ghostie girl disappeared almost 10 days ago and I have been going out of my mind. She is a beautiful girl and I think someone stole her out of my back yard cause she never left the yard on her own. Hope you have a great Labor Day. Stay healthy! Vickie

Carol Dee said...

I just realized it is SUNDAY and I forgot to visit yesterday. We also have had VERY dry weather. County was under a burn ban. Rain would slide right by us over and over. Then FINALLY last night we got 3 1/2 inches of much needed rain. Hope you did too.
Gato is a LOVELY cat. Typical to seem so nonchalant when we panic! Cats ;)
Have a relaxing Labor Day weekend.