Saturday, September 26, 2020

Animal Crackers - When Breakfast is Stuck to Your Head...

Howdy - 

It is a rough start to the day when you get your breakfast stuck to your head!! And I mean really tangled up and stuck! 

Little guy was so upset... he was bouncing around, bucking his head and rubbing on everything. I am just glad I saw him out the window and could run out and save him!! I called out to him and he ran towards the fence as if he knew I had come to rescue him! Took me a minute to get it all untangled but finally he was free... I didn't even get a thank you... he went right back to eating what was just a hat on his head! LOL 

I did catch Domino in what I am sure was a really good laugh at his buddy Alvin Jr. 

I think I heard Domino yell out "Dork"! HA! These guys sure are entertaining! 

Went out to visit the ladies then. So sweet. Fancy Pants sure is showing a bit of age... that tiny little white spot on her head has gotten a bit bigger and gray, and she is starting to have a bit of gray coming in all over her face. 

Such a beautiful lady... a bit controlling, but beautiful and sweet.

Then once they all calmed down and went back to eating breakfast, my sweet timid little guy Pavo came for some lovin'. 

It amazes me just how sweet and friendly this guy has become. We barely could touch him when he was in with the other guys. But he was being beat up and since he is a gelding he can live in with the girls. So we moved him in and he fit in perfectly with his new girl friends. Now he loves to get attention and scratches all over. In fact he followed me all the way to the gate, and didn't want me to go. So sweet. So glad he lives happily in with the ladies, now I can love on this handsome man. 

Then Raffie yelled out... 

Now I am fluent in donkey you know... He said... "MOM MOM... Just 5 minutes in with the Ladies please... MOM 5 minutes!!!" HA! I explained that it isn't long before we put a couple of girls in with him. It is starting to cool off a bit and then we can have a few dates for him. He just doesn't like to wait! 

When coming through the back door I found this.. 

Now this is a rare thing.... Libbie isn't the most loving family member towards Gato. Chica and Autie love Gato, but Libbie.. not so much. But since she has been blind she tolerates much more. Even Gato. At least at this distance.. much closer she starts to make some noises to let Gato know she is pushing the limit... She may be blind but she is still in control and can show it! 

Hope you got a smile or two this week. And honestly how can you not have gotten a smile from Alvin Jr's breakfast hat? 

Have a blessed weekend and love on a furry or feathered friend! 
HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

LOVE the breakfast hat even if Alvin did not. ;) The goats must always be entertaining. Ah Autumn and cooler weather is on the way, that should make Raffie Happy , LOL. Thanks for the Saturday morning smiles.

Ginger Shaw said...

Maybe Alvin jr needed a little shade for his head but then realised he was also hungry.
Your pictures of all your babies make me look forward to Sunday’s when I can sit back and have a smile at their antics.