Saturday, September 19, 2020

Animal Crackers - A little chat with the chickens

Howdy - 

I was out talking to the chickens yesterday afternoon ... yes I talk to them. I talk to all my "kids". It is amazing how grown up the little chicks are now. In fact they have finally started to eggs now.. over there.. and under that.. and over there...

Yes the nice coop and nesting boxes that Hubby has for them, nope they are laying eggs outside the coop and under the coop... sigh... I hope they get it soon. But they are beautiful - 

And chatty... LOL We opened up their pens... basically took out two pens and took out the fence between them. They now roam in a much larger area and seem to be happy about it, funny they all go back to their original pens at bed time though.

Looked across the yard and saw this Mom and baby getting some afternoon water. Ha.. Mom and big baby! Cocoa and Valentine, he does whatever Mom does and follows her everywhere. Now please no judgement on the tummies and rolls of extra fluff. 

All they get is grass... so it is a salad diet 24/7 and they still put on weight. It's in their genes... big bones.. water weight??? Hey I use those excuses it works for them too! 

Oh my this guy is a sweetheart. Love Alvin to pieces! But man does he STINK right now! Its that time around here.. 

where the "MEN" are flirting with the women and creating a lot of noise and SMELL! 

Domino also is nasty... but he didn't want to pose for a photo for me.

This was the best I got... I took 21 photos of this stinky dude! He was busy jumping around and rubbing his head on the fence. I told him I was sure he was trying to rub the smell off but it wasn't working!! 

A little Nature here... Check out the huge moth we found early one morning this week. Wish I had put some sort of reference next to it, but it was pretty high up on the pole, and didn't want to spook him. 

Really a cool bug? I suppose a moth is a bug. This bug I enjoyed seeing instead of one of Hubby's scary creepy bugs! 

I hope you got a smile this weekend - Take time to love on a furry or feathered friend! 
HUGS and


okienurse said...

I love it when you say they stink...working as a nurse I sometimes would be overwhelmed with the stinky odor coming from pubescent males...they can stink too! I love the Luna Moths...they are such a pretty green! I used to squash every green catapillers cause I thought they were tomato worms but a friend told me about the Luna Moth and now we pick them off the tomatoes and home them elsewhere. Love the Chickadees...they are turning out beautiful!

Ginger Shaw said...

I love your chickens.and your stinky boys,.
I’ve never heard of lunar moths but they are really pretty.
Thanks for all the photos.

Carol Dee said...

I saw a Luna moth once that was at least 8 inches wide! Such a pretty insect. The chicks have grown into lovely ladies. Hope they figure out the comforts of next boxes soon, having to Crawl under buildings to retrieve eggs is a pain. ;) We have a male dog DH never had fixed. HE ALWAYS stinks... BOYS!