Saturday, September 12, 2020

Animal Crackers - Pretty Girls

Howdy - 

The other morning I went out to visit with the Girls and say Hi. They were still finishing up their breakfast, but a few had enough to stop and visit with me. 

Vicki was the first to look up and acknowledge me. 

Look at those eyes staring up at me. So beautiful. Macie and Ellie Mae just kept on eating as if no one was there... 

Then she came over for some lovin'. 

Ok, so she was a dirty mess. But she still got lots of lovin' from me. I am use to dirty donkeys. Really she is a beautiful girl isn't she... then she brought over her little friend Pepita.

Pepita is just as sweet but just a bit more timid at times, others she is pushy friendly. So I loved on both girls, they didn't end up having babies this year. We will try again next year I suppose. 

I then went over to talk to Irene about a baby in the future. She really wasn't in the talking mood. She was still more interested in breakfast. 

But I did get her to look up for a pretty photograph. She has such a calm personality. Then at times she is right up front and demanding all the attention. I love how they all have such different personalities, all wonderful on their own, but as a group they all have their place. 

Ok one more collectible to show off this week. This is a porcelain donkey baby that Hubby got me right after we got Raffie, he looks just like Raffie as a baby. 

I pass it in the cabinet and grin thinking about my little "boy" ... and now we have a son from him that also looks just like him. "Big Al" 

Hope you got a smile this week - They sure make us smile. 

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend - 
HUGS and

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