Saturday, February 6, 2021

Animal Crackers - Gotta Love Texas Weather!

Howdy -

Gotta Love Texas weather! We went from the 80's one day to a windy high of 53 the next. I went out to snap photos the donkeys, who were having lots of fun running and playing in the wind. It is pretty entertaining to watch the older ladies run... or trot... and play with the younger donkeys. 

Josie was trying to get her Momma, Jolene to play a little longer,  but Jolene was done. 

 This little girl has become a gorgeous young lady. She is still tiny, but is filling out more. Her nose is such a luxurious black velvet just like Mom's and Dad Black Jack's. We are so in love with her. 

After loving on Josie I called over Hanna. She came and let me kiss her on her nose, and give her lots of head scratches. But then her Momma Bella snorted and Hanna hung her head and walked away from me, off to follow Mom to the hay bale. Gotta go when Mom says so you know. 

I then had a little girl talk with Miss Macie. Sweet old girl. She has always been special to me. I've always said her eyes just speak to me, and melt my heart. She is just so calm and gentle. 

I looked across the pen and saw Patti and Pavo having some sort of chat going on. Man I wish I could hear what they were discussing. 

I am sure they were making fun of someone's running. A few older ones here they don't all run as well as they use too! Now Patti is one of my older girls, but she still has her game! She sticks right up front with all the young ones. You go girl! 

As I came in the back door Gato was sitting in the kitchen. Meowed and demanded to be fed. Now she had food in her bowl, but it wasn't 100% full and not "fresh". Silly Kitty. 

Speaking of getting older. She is over 14 now. Now she still acts young.. but we are seeing some changes in her. She is skinnier, and her cat naps are a bit longer than they use to be. But when she gets that little twitch like lightening striking she is flying through the house 90MPH! Such a perfect kitty - my little heater kitty. 

I hope you have a smile again this week. Hope you all have a blessed weekend and have furry friend to love on! 

HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

Good Saturday Morning. I will trade you your 53 degrees for our 2 degrees! Everything is covered in ice and snow. Your green pastures are lovely. Gato looks so good for a 14 yr. old. Have a peaceful weekend.

Karen Page said...

I don't often comment, but I always look forward to the weekly update of the farm and all of its inhabitants! Josie is still so adorable. Its a shame we can't keep them babies forever!!! And for what its worth, Georgia has had some crazy temperature fluctuations and weather too. My only critters are 2 indoor doggies but I have a garden, currently with cool weather crops, that do not appreciate the random lows of 14° when most of our nights are above freezing. Hope your farm furbabies get good weather this week so you can get more great pictures!!!