Saturday, February 27, 2021

Animal Crackers - What a difference a day Makes!

Howdy - 

Wow... things changed quick here! We went from totally frozen to warm and sunny here in Texas. In just a couple of days! The day after the snow melted and we went above freezing the animals were so happy to see the sun again! 

They didn't get a lot of relaxing sleep during the winter storm last week. So when that sun came out they were really loving that sunshine! Most everyone was snoozing in that warm sunshine! LOL 

I went out and had a chat with old man Black Jack. Just wanted to check in and make sure he was doing ok after the storm. 

He was all good... now he was thinking maybe I was there with some sort of treat. In the cold everyone got extra rations. It spoiled them a bit and they all have been screaming for the good bonuses this week as well. LOL back to normal around here dude... LOL he is such a sweet old man. 

And from our oldest man to our youngest... Big Al 

Now this guy is a love. He is getting hard to snap photos of he is so quick to be right at me and insisting on head scratches and lovin'. The thing we are working on is the bit of pushy attitude if you don't pay 100% attention. he he throws a bit of a tantrum and nibbles and shoves on you when not getting what he wants. But still adorable! 

Now speaking of that extra rations... I think the goats are the loudest and showing they want that extra alfalfa... Chipmunk was telling "Dad" that he really wanted that yummy stuff lots of it. 

They are so funny.... they think we are so mean. They would eat 24/7 and be wider than tall if we let them. Gotta stay healthy and happy... not just spoiled and happy! 

I think I may have mentioned the new little mouth here ... a little kitten showed up out of no where a couple of months ago. So little. She has been living under the goat huts most of the time. But she has been seen sleeping in the barn in the back from time to time as well. But the other night Hubby was so excited to see it making itself cozy in a stack of hay right out our back window. 

Hay was brought in and stacked up for the storm. A few bales right up against the house under the porch light must have been a great choice of a safe and comfortable place to bed down for the night. Kittie is still very skittish and bolts when you get very close.  But each day Hubby has contact at a distance with Kittie he or she seems ok with the distance getting a tiny bit smaller. Now this photo was taken through the window. Even so Kittie was very cautious and kept watch on him! 

Today for something from our collection I wanted to show some pretty Spring! 

We love antique art - especially Texas art. One of my favorite artist is Carl Weber. I love the peaceful feeling of his art. Many of his paintings have blooming fruit trees, and usually always some sort of livestock. This one has cattle, with a calm stream. I have a few of his pieces, this one has a little damage on the top corner. But it doesn't take away from my love of this beautiful painting.  Now if Spring would settle in here just as beautiful as this landscape - 

Hope you have enjoyed this week, and have a smile. Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

OMG where did the weekend go? I just realized I did not stop to visit on Saturday! We had 2 weeks of VERY cold temps. Nights well below zero and single degree days. Happily it is warmed up into the 30's and things are melting. Ahhh a nap in the sunshine sounds so nice :) The new kitty will be won over by your DH soon, he is the cat whisperer!

Ginger Shaw said...

Allyour babies are beautiful.
We have just started our Autumn here in Australia. Hopefully cooler weather.
Thank you for the photos.
Hope you can get closer to your new arrival.