Saturday, July 9, 2022

Animal Crackers - Slicked Off

Howdy - 

Well its only gotten hotter around here. I talked about how everyone is slicking off and got a few photos to show you this week. 

This photo of Miss Bella really shows her long face and ears doesn't it? She is so trim and pretty. She was keeping an on "Dad" and her girl Hannah following him.

They were all curious to see if Dad had anything other than morning hay. Nope just checking on one of the Donkeys not up front. 

Hannah took off to check things out -

Not a great photo.. a bit blurry, she was in a hurry! You can kind of tell how dark and silky she is though.  Still obnoxious... but sweet. So much darker than her Momma Bella -

And her partner in crime.. Josie - amazing how black she is - just like her Daddy and her older sister Pepita. 


She is never far from her half sister Hannah - she is just so much smaller than her. It is so cute to watch her follow behind.

Speaking of her sister.. her older sister Pepita - I do think once in the same pen we may have to put bows on their tails to tell Josie and Pepita apart...

Now Pepita is a bit taller, and belly a little bigger? I keep hoping that she is actually going to get or is pregnant in there with Raffie... But as you can tell from this next photo she is in charge and runs him off any time he comes near ...

She is a bit of ... well she is in charge lets just leave it at that. But that does make it difficult for Raffie to breed her though.

Speaking of Black Jack ... old Black Jack... prayers for him please. He had a start of colic this week. He is doing better, but he gave us a scare. We are keeping a really close watch on him. 


He looks old here and you can tell he just doesn't feel good. The heat, no rain is just too much on an old donkey. Heck, on me, I'm not use to being outside in the heat checking on him so much either. I think one day this week it was suppose to be over 105... that is just too hot. Common on FALL! And please RAIN! 

Now no worries about the heat inside with Mercedes... Once again they pulled the top off of their window bed, they like the foam better..ha. 

Here Mercedes or Bubba as we call him most of the time, he was really out cold taking an afternoon nap. Not sure about that tongue sticking out though.. lol

Have your Saturday morning smile? If not check out the tongue again.. 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

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